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What our parents think about the school

Every Autumn, parents are asked to complete a questionnaire that is based on the questions on Parent View, the Ofsted Questionnaire Website.  Parents are, of course, very welcome to respond to Parent View.


Our questionnaire for Nursery children is carried at Easter time. 


The school takes the results and comments from the questionnaires very seriously and builds them into the work of the school in order to continue to improve and develop.  Do remember that if you have any concerns, speak to a member of staff to ensure that these are dealt with at the very earliest possible time.



Responding to questionnaire results 2021

Thank you to all of you who filled in the parent questionnaire and gave us such lovely feedback. The time you spent filling it in helps us to improve and see things from your perspective. We were very pleased to see that so many of you feel so positive about the school. It is great to see that an incredible 97% of you feel your child is happy in our school! Of course, there is always more to do, and we have identified some useful next steps for ourselves.


The results tell us…

…and so we will…


You would like to see more information about what your children will learn over the year


We will make sure we send out our annual plans in a timelier way, and we will ensure the class web pages are updated with termly information on what the topics are.


If your child has SEND, you would like to understand better how the school helps them progress

We will make sure that we allow enough time to explain the thinking behind what we put in place to support your child, including the ways we try to help them be independent


You would like more information on how your child is doing



We hope the move back to face to face consultation evenings will help you to feel involved. After Christmas, we will also start our ‘open classroom’ days at the end of each half term for you to come in and see your child’s work.


You would like to see more clubs and opportunities for wider development.



This has been a challenge during COVID restrictions but these are now lifted so we are seeing more opportunities coming back. For example, we are planning our Christmas concerts, the music teachers have returned, and we are offering after school sports clubs.