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Welcome to Red Kites class

We are a class of curious, confident and engaged Year 5 pupils who enjoy learning.

We are taught by Ms. Parks, Mrs Taylor (Mon-Thurs) and Miss Whittington (Friday).

You can follow our adventures in learning, and find lots of helpful information, below.

How pride contributes to a Growth Mindset.

Having a positive attitude is just one step towards being a successful learner. Our mindset towards facing challenges, overcoming failure and being resilient is another. In Red Kites, we use our Growth Mindset board to help us identify the approaches that help us to have a positive mindset. When we feel frustrated or stuck we can take one of the yellow cards (see photos below) that help us to think about ways to overcome our problem and move forward. We find it easier to do this when we can see how what we are learning builds on what we have learnt before, when the vocabulary we need is clear and when our books become a resource for revisiting and revising. So, we take great pride in our books. We use: a highlighting system to help us easily find headings, key vocabulary and questions; familiar page structures for each lesson; drawings, tables, bullet points and mind-maps to show our learning and ideas and 'mostly' remember to use a ruler! Now, when we open our books, we can see our progress and find facts and concepts that we have learnt which, in turn, helps us to be positive about what we can achieve.

22nd October

Retrival practise has played a big part in our learning over the past term. In History, we have be learning about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, in Science we have caught up on a topic that was disrupted due to Covid - The Digestive System - and in RE we have been investigating worship with a focus on comparing Sikhism and Christianity. In all these subjects (and everything else we study), we are gaining a huge amout of knowledge alongside developing new skills and vocabulary but knowledge can be hard to retain with such a jam-packed curriculum so at the start of each lesson we revise previous learning, we review what we have learnt at the end of every lesson and we have a weekly quiz as homework that helps ensure we have embedded learning in our long term memory. The best part is...we love that we can remember what we have learnt!

Here are some of the overheard quotes from Red Kites this week:

"Every day is exciting in our class" - Imogen

"We know so much now" - Gabriella

"We learnt that weeks ago and I still remember" - Spencer

"It's weird systems in the body and in compters and bikes work the same" - Alex

In Science this week we started investigating the question: What causes tooth decay? The Red Kites had great fun looking at plaque on their own teeth - pink smiles all round!

We ended the term with an Art Day that built on the sketchbook exploration we have been studying in Art and the twitcher handbooks that we have been writing in English. We studied form, colour and texture then created wire sculptures of the birds we have learnt about in Lost Words. See if you can spot kingfishers, wrens, herons, magpies, starlings and larks hanging from our classroom ceiling.

15th October

The Red Kites have had a fantastic few weeks. They have fully stepped up to the expectations of Year 5 with a determined focus on learning, pride in the presentation of their work and enthusiasm for trying new challenges.They have also made us exceptionally proud of the way in which they have welcomed our two new pupils into the class with kindness and warmth. 

Below you can see just a small number of the different types of learning we have being doing from making Egyptian shudufs when learning about the River Nile and irregation, making music in Beatbox workshop, drawing and labelling life-sized digestive systems, playing respectfully and inclusively in the playground and taking good care of Cessy!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

25th September

This week was all about music. We have been lucky enough to have two music assemblies, a keyboard lesson and a beatbox lesson. Some of the class also went to choir, some had 1:1 music lessons and we all got to practise singing songs for the Harvest Festival. In the first assembly we heard Year 11-13 children play different instruments such as the harp, viola and saxophone. We could ask questions to find out more about the instruments. In the second assembly there was a jazz band! It wasn't long before everyone was singing and clapping along.

In English, we have been writing diamante poems about the Lost Words using different word classes (nouns, adjectives and verbs). Some of us even managed to write acrostic diamante poems and/or make effective use of alliteration.

We have become experts in describing systems in bikes, computers and the human body. Ask us about the digestive system and we will be able to tell you what it does (and why), name the parts and explain the process from food to waste. We have now started making life-sized drawings to see if we can draw and label each part. In drawing round our models, we discovered there are lots of very ticklish children in our class.

20th September

The glorious Autumn weather has inspired lots of art work in Red Kites class so we have used what we learnt last week to make ink and pen wildflower meadows.

Cessy made her first visit to class this week and settled in quickly. Everyone loves having a dog in the classroom and have been giving her lots of strokes and cuddles as well as taking responsibility for her walks, water and training. Cessy just loves the attention and sitting next to the feet of whoever is her favourite Red Kite of the day. She also loves our new reading corner as did our other unusual guest this week. Take a look at the photos to find out who the guest was.

9th September

The Red Kites have had a fantastic first week as Year 5 and demonstrated our school values of ready, respectful and responsible in all they have done. 

We are using the beautiful poetry book The Lost Words as a stimulus for our own nature poetry and art. The children used the book introduction to create a blackout poem (see photos for examples) and have been experimenting with different media in observational drawing of dried plants and seeds.

In Science, we have started to learn about the digestive system. We compared the roles of the different systems of the body and about the journey of food and water through the digestive system.

Lots of fun has been had with all the maths games we have been playing this week. We have used the games to practise our core skills and understanding of place value and number facts as well of the skills of reasoning and logic.