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Term 4

Term 4 Learning


In English we have been sentence stacking 'Home' by Carson Ellis. We have learnt about adjectives, similes, verbs and prepositions and ended the unit with an independent write about our own home remembering to include the key features that we had learnt. 


In Maths we have continued our unit on multiplication and division and the children have really grasped how to use a number line to support them with this. We have also continued to practice our arithmetic skills and learn key number facts. We have now just started our unit on length and height.


In Science the children have been learning about plants and have enjoyed doing experiments involving plants this term. 


In our 'Street Detectives' topic we have learnt about the four countries that make up the UK, what a settlement is, the different types of settlements and their advantages and disadvantages, human and physical features and maps including symbols and compass points and directions. We have looked at the work of Hundertwasser in Art this term and drawn our own sketches of architecture thinking carefully about line and shape. We also enjoyed exploring our own local area and spotting human and physical features on our walk.  


Well done Kingfishers for another brilliant term!

What would you add to our local area to improve it?