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Term 3

How can We Travel to the Moon?

Term 3 Week 6 

This week our story was Charlie Crow in the Snow by Paula Metcalfe and Cally Johnson-Isaacs. We made our own Charlie crow puppets to help retell the story.

In our garden we were busy making nests for the birds and a den for the hibernating bear in the story.

The Barn Owls have enjoyed exploring glitter ice cubes and gloopy cornflour ‘snow’ too. We created snowflakes by practising our scissor cutting skills and by using the Busythings program on the iPad. 
Our Wendy House has had all our dolls in and they needed to get dressed for Winter, so the Barn Owls had to use zips and buttons to put the clothes on before taking them for a walk outside. 
The new look book corner has been very popular. We have been very lucky to have been given a Yoto player by FOSCS. Children can place story cards in the player and listen to a story. Thank you FOSCS! 
We hope you all have a lovely relaxing half term and we look forward to more Barn Owl. adventures in term 4! 

Term 3 Week 5
This week we have been reading the story Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? By Bill Martin Jr. 
We have enjoyed being different animals from the story. Our garden has turned into a zoo and the Barn Owls were fantastic zoo keepers, who were busy cleaning, feeding and looking after all the animals.

Our brick pit became the polar bear’s den. We have also been thinking about the different sounds animals make and using instruments to mimic them. This week we have been on a listening walk around the school grounds, to identify the different sounds we could hear. 

Term 3 Week 4

This week we have been reading the story of The Magical Snow Garden by Tracey Couderoy. The Barn Owls have been very creative and produced a magical snow garden of their own, full of beautiful flowers.

Wellington the penguin from the story has to build a wall to protect his garden from the wind. Barn Owls have been using a tripod tweezer and their fine motor skills to build a wall out of sugar cubes.


Lost and Found

We have been reading the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. A boy finds a penguin, who he thinks is lost, but eventually realises the penguin is lonely and wants a friend.

The Barn Owls have been learning new playground games to play together. This week it was Fishes in the Sea. Ask your Barn Owl how to play this game! 
On Friday we had a surprise visit from a dragon, who helped us to learn about celebrating Chinese New Year. We made masks, lanterns and used chopsticks too! 

Whatever Next!

This week we have been reading the story Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. We have been making rockets and space helmets for our journey to the moon, just like baby Bear did.

The Barn Owls have been great at remembering our class rules of, kind hands, kind feet and kind words. We have nominated a friend who has been kind to us and then given them a certificate to take home.

The story telling den has been busy with children creating their own books and using puppets to retell stories.

The windy weather was great for making shapes with our ribbons wands.


Welcome Back!

It was lovely to have our Barn Owls back and to meet  new Barn Owl friends who are starting this term.

This week we have been reading the story of The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson.

We have created a train inside our classroom and using our imagination we have travelled to the zoo, a toy shop and Didcot!

Outside our Wendy House has become a storytelling den where we can use puppets to retell stories, create our own story books and just sit listening to stories too.