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Welcome Kingfishers and Families!

The Kingfishers' Team:

Teacher: Mrs McDowell - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning

Teacher: Mrs Knight - Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday

TA: Mrs Burns - Monday to Friday mornings

TA: Mrs Crump - Monday to Friday part afternoons


We will work very hard to keep communication open so if you tell one of us something, we will ensure that anyone else in the team who needs to know is informed.


Superhero Me!



We start the year with a very exciting topic - all based around Superheroes, however it won't be all about Spiderman and wonder woman! As well as the well known characters we will be exploring what superheroes we all are - thinking about our strengths, talents and values.

We will also learn about superheros all around us, doing jobs which impact on others such as the emergency services, shop workers, refuse collectors and parents! Of course, not forgetting historical superheroes who have changed history and sporting superheros, including paralympians who have had to overcome huge hurdles to achieve their dreams. All in all it is going to be a busy term, which will end with an a 'Superhero Day' - Watch this space for more information in the coming weeks!


Reading in Kingfishers

We have had to put new systems in place for changing books and hearing children read to ensure books are quarantined between uses. Therefore we will be changing reading books once a week - this will either be on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Your child will then bring 2 books home for that period of time. 

We are in the early stages of assessing reading levels, following a long break from school, so you may find their reading book levels will change several times over the next few weeks. Please bare with us while we find the level that supports your child best to feel confident but also challenges them.

Please read as regularly as you can - at least 4 times a week. Year 2 is a crucial age for reading development and the more you do, the more progress you will see!

Planning for the Year ahead!