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Term 5

How many legs does it have?

Welcome back to all the Robins. This term we are excited to welcome Mrs Alinson on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Mrs Jones will continue to be with us on Thursday mornings.


                                               Celebration Assemblies

We will be joining in the whole school assembly from this term onwards as part of our transition, so we look forward to seeing our Robins receive reading certificates in Assembly.


                                                       Reading Books 

We will continue to change reading books on Mondays and Thursdays so remember to bring your reading pack into school.

What a busy week it has been in Robins class. Have a look at what we did this week.

Week 4 - This week in Robins we have been learning about lifecycles. Did you know that a caterpillar's first meal is its own egg shell and an adult butterfly only lives up to 2 weeks. In Maths we have been using shapes to complete pictures. Have a go at some activities here -

Week 2 - Another busy week exploring with Irish dancing lessons, minibeasts fine motor activities and painting , writing messages to one of our adults, creating minibeasts out of nature and investigating with two way magnifiers.

Week 1 - Robins class have settled back well after the Easter Holidays and immediately got into their learning about Spring. We went on a Spring walk around the school and spotted signs of Spring. We also had a Science afternoon where we learnt about light , shadows and colour mixing. To develop independent skills we have been encouraging the children to take pictures of their own creations during own learning time.