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Our team of Barn Owl staff are: 

Class teachers

Mrs Potter -Monday to Wednesday 

(Mrs Potter will be returning from maternity leave in January 2022)


Mrs Holderness - Wednesday  to Friday

(Currently Monday to Friday)



Jane,  Our Nursery Nurse

Miss Brown,  Our Teaching Assistant


Drop off at the beginning of the day is from 8.40 to 8.50 am at the green nursery gate.

The morning session finishes at 11.45 am.

(Please come to the side gate, next to the bike shed to access the nursery garden)

Home time is from 3 pm to 3.10 pm please collect from the green nursery gate.


This term we will welcome lots of new Barn Owl friends. 


Please see our curriculum plan for this term

Friday 22nd October

This week our story has been the Gingerbread Man. We have used the gingerbread man shape for printing pictures with paint, and designing our own gingerbread men by icing them. Then we enjoyed eating them at snack time!

We have thought about the different ways the Gingerbread Man could have crossed the river instead of riding on the fox. The office had given us a very big empty box and this soon became a boat. There was lots of fun making windows in our boat and singing row, row the boat as we sailed across the river!

The home corner become our Barn Owl bakery and we have been taking turns to bake and buy the goods! The selection of handbags for the customers have been particularly popular this week!

 We have also been going on a colour hunt around the nursery garden. We carried out a survey to find out which is our  favourite colour in Barn Owls. You can see from the photograph it is blue!

We have made the most of the windy weather by making shapes and tails with our  ribbons on a stick and lots of fun was had by all.

Friday 15th October 

This week we have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Our home corner has become Grandma's cottage as we have enjoyed acting out the story.  Please look in the photo gallery for our lovely paintings of the characters from the story, with some extra details  like the flying wolf with many legs!

As well as reading the story we have seen a musical adaption of Little Red Riding Hood and we have created our music for the story.

We have also been exploring with magnetic shapes this week, building and creating designs, from the the tallest tower to the biggest pyramid.

It was lovely to see Mrs Potter and to meet gorgeous baby Sophie on Wednesday. This of course was used as a great learning opportunity to discuss  what babies can do and that we were all babies, and to think about how we have grown and what we can do now!

During our Boogie Beat session we went on a bear hunt and had fun playing instruments too.

It has been great to see so many WOW vouchers coming in to school to share and celebrate. Well done everyone!

Friday 8th October

This week we have been reading the story of the Three Little Pigs and we have been building houses too. We have made dens with the milk crates and blankets and found some roaring lions living in there! If you look through the nursery window you will see the amazing chimney made by some Barn Owls with Miss Brown.

We have been having our snack in small groups, so we can try tasting different fruit and vegetables. As part of our topic All About Me we have been telling our friends what our favourite foods are.

During our Boogie Beat session we were superheroes and played games with the parachute. As always it was lots of fun!


Friday 1st October

This week we have been collecting and using items we have found out and about

showing us the changes that happen in Autumn. We have tried different ways to get conkers out of their shell and then rolled the conkers in paint to make colourful pictures together.

During  our Boogie Beat session we heard the story of Bingo the dog and his visit to the vet. We also used instruments to recreate a calypso!

The Barn Owls have been busy rehearsing our harvest song and making crowns with a big red combine harvester on for our performance. After a few attempts... we have a recording to share with you.



Barn Owls Harvest Festival!