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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school:

Headteacher - Mrs Rachel Hornsey


Assistant Headteachers - Mrs Lisa Knight & Mrs Louise Potter


Special Educational Needs Lead: Mrs Lianne Vickers


School Business Partner- Mrs Stacey Carbon

Pupils and Families Manager- Mrs Helen Appleyard

Administrative Assistant - Mrs Natalie Wyatt


Barn Owls Class Teachers ( Nursery) - Mrs Louise Potter and Mrs Libby Holderness

Barn Owls Assistants - Mrs Jane Syme (Nursery Nurse), Ms Kelly Wall,


Robins Class Teacher (Reception) - Miss Beth Healy                                                                 Robins Teaching Assistants -  Mrs Sarah Hutchinson, Mrs Mandy Hawkins


Kestrels Class Teacher (Year 1) - Miss Rachel Hazell

Kestrels Class Teaching Assistant - Miss Angela Holden


Kingfishers Class Teachers ( Year 2) - Mrs Ellen McDowell and Mrs Clare Elliott

Kingfishers Teaching Assistant - Mrs Nadine Howard and Mrs Natasha Burns


Nightingales Class Teacher (Year 3) - Mrs Maggie Hamblin 

Nightingales Teaching Assistants - Mrs Lyndsay Whittington, Mrs Shirley Bennett and Mrs Sarah Clifford


Wrens Class Teacher (Year 4) - Mrs Lianne Vickers and Mrs Lisa Knight

Wrens Teaching Assistants - Mrs Sarah Clark and Mrs Linda Taylor


Falcons Class Teacher (Year 5/6) - Ms Zoe Parks

Falcons Teaching Assistant - Mrs Anna Crump


After School Club & Breakfast Leader: Ms Mandy Hawkins

After School Club Assistant & Breakfast Assistant: Miss Angela Holden



Site Manger/Caretaker: Mr Richard Greenough

Cleaner: Mrs Jackie Greenough


Cook (Kitchen): Mrs Jackie Greenough

General Assistant (Kitchen): Mrs Terri Alford


Don't forget to meet Cessy (she is our school dog) and our guinea pigs called Toffee and Caramel