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Term 5

This term our topic is called Is Everything Alive?

Term 5 Week 6

We have all been enjoying the sunshine and spending most of our time outside this week.

You can see how well our sunflower seeds have grown and we choose our tallest to put in the big pot ready for the whole school sunflower science investigation.

To remember the lovely time we had on our trip last week we made a memory box. Inside we had our clay creation and other minibeast masterpieces!

The Barn Owls have been playing lots of different games where we have to take turns and follow instructions. We have all been amazing at this.

The Wendy House has had the black out tent inside and children have been going in with torches to identify the different nocturnal animals they find. We have also had a night camera placed in our nursery garden and at Forest School recording what comes out at night in our school grounds.

In Forest School this week we did some pond dipping and found newts, which was very exciting!

We hope you have a restful and enjoyable half term.


Our Trip

The sun was shining and we were very excited when we climbed aboard the minibus to travel to the Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre. When we arrived we had time to explore the outdoor musical instruments. Then Anne the teacher from the SCEEC told us the story of Tedwood and his family of bears that live in the woods, and what they need to survive. Our first task was to make a place to collect water so our bears could have a drink. Then we had to find several different minibeasts to feed our bears. After our bears were feeling full, we had to make a den for them to shelter in. In our teams we worked together to complete each challenge. It was lots of fun exploring in the woods.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the woods and then had time to climb the trees.

After lunch we went on a bear hunt, using binoculars to find all different sorts of bears that were hiding in the woods. Anne gave each group a different selection of herbs and we used these to make a smoothie for our bears to drink. We also made clay paw prints and a collage using natural materials. It was a very busy, but fun packed day. Finally we had the minibus ride back to school, where we had an ice lolly as a treat to end our day out. 

Thank you to all the adults that helped to make our trip happen and a special thank you to Mrs Potter for organising and driving the minibus.

Term 5 Week 5 Teddy Bear's Picnic

This week our theme has been a Teddy's Bear picnic to get ready for our trip.

We have been making bear crowns, so we can be the bears that go down into the woods. The Wendy House had a blanket, bears and their picnic set out. You may have seen some of the bears hiding in our garden and we have been going on a bear hunt to find them. With the sun beginning to shine, it has been lovely to have fun in the sandpit. The Barn Owls have also been busy making sure our plants are watered and growing well. 

Term 5 Week 4 Busy Bees!

This week we have been learning about bees and how brilliant they are! We have been busy making bees from playdough, egg boxes and painting with watercolours. We have made bee hives from junk modelling and outside in the brick pit.

Barn Owls have been flying around the garden wearing the wings they have made and collecting nectar from the flowers chalked on the ground in the nursery garden.

Children have used their programing and problem solving skills to make the Beebot robots move around the tuff tray.

It has also been a time for a spring clean in the garden and you can see the Barn Owls have been happy to help sweep, clean and sort out toys in the garden, so they can continue to practice these skills at home too!

Coronation Celebrations!

Even though we had one less day this week, you can see from all the fantastic photographs the Barn Owls have been very busy indeed. We have been learning about the Coronation that will take place and  who King Charles is and what he has to do as our king.

Our Wendy House became a palace, and we had a carriage made from our climbing apparatus. The Barn Owls have been building castles inside and out. The home corner became a salon where children got themselves ready for the special occasion in all their finery!

The Barn Owls have also enjoyed exploring the tyres and trim trail on the big playground and even completed the daily mile circuit too! 

An afternoon tea was prepared on the playdough table and outside on the tuff tray with various fruits and flavoured tea bags. Children took turns to be crowned and to curtsy or bow down to the newly crowned Monarch.

On Friday we all enjoyed a celebration picnic lunch and a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Greenough for all their hard work to make that happen. 


Ants from The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer


This week we have been learning about ants! We have made our a colony to explore on the climbing equipment and in the brick pit. Barn Owls have been marching  around the playground wearing our antennas following each other and passing messages on, just like ants do!  On Wednesday our own Queen ant arrived and has taken residency in her ant world colony and we are waiting to see what happens...

The tadpoles are doing well and children have been checking their progress.


In Early Years we encourage child led play and the theme this week seemed to be cars! Children have been busy creating and adding daily to the cardboard box garage and road inside the classroom. Outside in the garden it was car washing, with even a drive through carwash appearing!

Another group of Barn Owls enjoyed their Friday visit to Forest School where they could climb trees, swing on the tyre and look for hidden dinosaurs.

What a fantastic start to this term the Barn Owls have had. Our first book of the term is  Growing Frogs by Vivian French.  We have been learning about the lifecycle of a frog. Mrs Potter brought some tadpoles in and we have made a mini pond for them in our nursery garden.  We went to Forest School to get pond water for the tadpoles, and we were also looking for signs of Spring. The Wendy House has become a Bug Museum and we have been exploring and identifying different mini beasts. 

Our first group of Barn Owls enjoyed their visit to Forest School and were not put off by the rain!