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Physical Education is an extremely important part of the curriculum and is highly valued in our school. Our aim is to create strong foundations for all children to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This is achieved by providing them with varied and engaging settings and lessons which develop the skills and knowledge they need to make the right choices. We also aim for them to have laid the foundations to enjoy organised sport and other physical activity as they transition to secondary school and on into adult life so that they can benefit from the social and creative as well as physical aspects of exercise. 



Every child has access to 2 hours of high quality PE a week taught by our own teachers or specialist secondary PE teachers from our Academy Trust Partner Schools. During each academic year all year groups have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Following the National Curriculum, units are taught within Games, Gymnastics, Dance and Athletics. In addition, Swimming is taught during Year 4 and Year 6 and we provide opportunities for them to take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both in school and on school trips and residentials. 


As PE is such a broad subject it is only right to use a wide variety of resources to enable us to provide the highest quality lessons for each area of learning. Resources used include: Val Sabin gymnastics and games , Tops PE and Dance notes , although this is not exhaustive as we are always looking for new resources.  

All Lessons, whatever the area of PE are usually broken down into 4 main stages: first warm-up, second teaching of new skills or movements, followed by developing these skills alongside those previously learned and finally the implementation of the new skills in a games situation or the development of sequences. Lessons are fun but based on the progression of knowledge and skills.  

We ensure that physical activity is accessible outside of PE lessons. Pupils are provided with sports equipment at playtimes, this allows them to practise their skills further. KS2 Playground leaders are on hand to support and encourage our younger children to join in games. On afternoons when classes don’t have a PE lesson, teachers can choose to either take their class outside to take part in the daily mile or have a physical break which may involve equipment or a class game.  

In addition to this we hold a number of different inter-house sporting events throughout the year, this stimulates healthy competition, resilience, teamwork and sportsmanship amongst the children. Our sports Leaders are fully involved in the planning and running of these events and really provide excellent sporting role models. 

We also work very closely with the Abingdon PE Partnership and participate in a range of sporting events with other schools, including cross-country, tri-golf, football and multisport. Another area we are keen to encourage is inviting local sporting clubs and athletes into school to give assemblies, trial sessions and special events. This opens the children’s eyes to what other sporting opportunities there are out in their local community.

PE Progression


With the broad curriculum, high quality teaching, consistent lesson structure and variety of opportunities provided across school, the children will increase not only their skills and fitness but also the ability to work as a team, good sportsmanship and mental well-being. Whilst equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 


PE is assessed in a variety of ways: 

  • The children’s responses in lessons – their engagement with activities and their response to questions. 

  • The way children are able to apply taught skills to different activities and situations.  

  • Evidence of children’s growing understanding through reflection of both their own practice and the practice of others. 

  • A summative response is used at the end of the year in reports.