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Spring Term

Happy spring,
This term is an exciting one!

During term 3 and 4 Nightingales will be learning all about the UK and the Anglo-Saxons! Within Science we will be studying about animals (including humans) where we research into nutrition and find out about types of skeletons and forces.

We have our super exciting play at the end of term four alongside two DT projects ‘The great British Bread off’ and becoming the next best designer when we make our own bean bags! 

Multiplication and division is a big focus in maths ( 3x 4x 8x ) and we will be writing our own instructions on how to be a beekeeper, creating our own alternative fairytale, writing a superb character description based on Amelia Fang and the unicorn lords and lastly an advert for the three little pigs house…I know which one I’d pick! 

Any questions as always catch me on the door!
                   Miss Clarke :) 

Nightingales making origami while learning about the key features of instructions!

We won a session after school at Forest School! I think it is safe to say we had a great time!

Nightingales enjoying charlottes Web