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Term 6

Brilliant Brazil!


We have launched our topic by using our map skills to locate Brazil and the UK on a world map. We also learnt that the capital city of Brazil is Brasilia and the carnival capital is Rio de Janeiro and we also located these on a world map. 


We then started learning a bit more about Brazil - we looked at its flag, weather and also what it is like to live there. We compared it to our life in the UK, looking at what school is like and what children do in their free time. We learnt that the weather is tropical, which means it is hot and wet. 


We have also learnt about the Amazon Rainforest and the names of the 4 different layers. We also learnt about the animals that can be found there and we drew some rainforest animals with pastels to add to our display. 




In English we have started the term reading the book 'Jabuti' by Gerald McDermott. The children have really enjoyed this book and wrote their own brilliant endings to the story. We are going to be focusing on what makes a super sentence in the next couple of weeks. 




In Maths we started the term learning about time - focusing on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too times. The children really enjoyed using the mini clocks to show these times. We are now looking at problem solving and will move on to statistics and position and direction in the coming weeks. 




In Science the children have been learning about living things and habitats. So far we have learnt about what a living thing is, what a habitat is and food chains. We will be looking at different types of habitats in the coming weeks.