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Term 1

13/10/23 Today we held a class election for our class representative. The children planned and wrote their own speeches regarding why they should be our class representative. The children who took part were so brave to stand in front of their peers and read their independent speech. We are so very proud of every child who took part, listened and voted. They all exhibited what a Nightingale is by cheering on their friends and showing kindness..

12/10/23 Today we started our coding journey! We all loved our first time on and showed so much resilience when it got tricky! The Nightingales team felt so proud!

6/10/23 This week we have been using place value counters to help us understand the value of a 3 digit number

2/09/23 Today we conducted our own research to find out about Mary Anning!

28/9/23 Today we made Stone Age villages to help us learn about Stone age Settlements.

25/9/23 Today we learnt all about fossils! The children then had the opportunity to create their own fossil.

Nightingales had so much fun pretending to be archaeologists!