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Term 4

Our Topic this term is 'Street Detectives'. In this Geography based topic we will be learning about where we live, including local knowledge, the United Kingdom and the Oceans in our world.


In Maths this term we are moving onto learn about addition and subtraction within 20. In our first few weeks we have learnt our number bonds to 20. We explored this using tens frames and counters. We also learnt about how we can find number bonds to 20 using our existing knowledge of number bonds to 10.


In English we have started with the text 'The Town Mouse and Country Mouse'. We explored the characters, settings and story line. In the first few weeks we will be writing directions and using our Geography knowledge to compare towns and the country.

We were Street Detectives and went for a walk around our village. We spotted physical and human features and tallied them with our partner who was in Year 2. Despite the rain we had great fun. We found a stream, trees, a hairdressers, a petrol station, a shop and so much more!


On the last day of term we had a DT day where we designed new facilities for a plot of land next to our school. Kestrels had some really good ideas, for example, a cinema, swimming pool, skate park, water park and of course a Mcdonalds! When making our facilities we had to work as a team using good communication. We had to write a shopping list of the materials we needed and take this to visit the shop run by Mrs Hawkins who provided the materials. We also had to think about how we were going to attach different parts. Miss Gibbons showed us some different ways to do this, including folding over tape to make it double sided and also cutting tabs.