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Our rich curriculum lays the foundations for children to participate within and beyond the school.  It is our vision that through a deep understanding of our core values, children will have the confidence to actively participate in whatever community they find themselves in throughout their lives, and make their voices heard.


A well planned annual schedule of opportunities, coupled with invitations to join in relevant events and campaigns that become important to the children, aims to broaden their horizons and enable them to empathise and understand others in different contexts.


Aspects of the curriculum are planned to develop across five key themes:

  • Leadership and higher calling. This means working with others and thinking about ideas bigger than your immediate concerns.
  • Inclusive participation. This means making sure everyone is included, and thinking carefully about how we can adapt things so that everyone is part of action.
  • Self care. This means knowing how to take care of yourself, and understanding protective behaviour choices.
  • Presentation and advocacy. This means being able to express your ideas clearly and confidently to others to encourage them.
  • Personal responsibility. This means being responsible for your own choices and for how you contribute.


As well as established annual events, children are encouraged to advocate for their own additions to the calendar, for example, for charities of their choice or issues they feel strongly about.


The school is proactive in reaching out to local representatives such as local council, our MP, and the news media.  This leads to a responsive and constantly evolving curriculum.

Annual calendar of planned events

Follow this link to the latest events in school.

(For Events prior to March 2021 go to Latest news)

The Sutton Courtenay 'Star' Award

We want all our children to leave Sutton Courtenay School upholding the values of being Ready, Respectful and Responsible and feeling prepared and confident to tackle new challenges. So we are now in the second year of running our 'Sutton Courtenay Star Award' with our Year 6 class, Falcons. Please view the power point below to find out more.....


Impact is assessed through three strands


1. Participation rates for different groups, reported to governors and fed into the School Development Plan, Pupil Premium Plan and Sports Funding Plan


2. Impact on individual pupils, documented in school tracking and reports to parents


3. Impact on the school and its community, for example through successful fundraising campaigns