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Why do we have uniform?

Our approach to uniform is in line with our school values.


Children should be ready for active playtimes and lessons including PE, at all times in the school day. We aim to reduce lost learning time in changing or searching for lost belongings.


Uniform is about respect.  We foster our collective identity and we look smart to show respect for our school community.


We take responsibility for the impact of our uniform.  We try to reduce cost and waste wherever we can. This sends clear messages to children about the need to take care of their things and of their environment, reducing unnecessary clutter and waste of resources.

A short animation about our uniform...

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Key Pointers:

Emerald green polo shirt

Emerald green jumper or cardigan

Black trousers, skirt, pinafore or shorts

Black trainers (NO white soles or coloured designs)

Black or white tights, leggings or socks under the skirt or trousers


No jewellery except small stud earrings.

Hair tied back in black, green or neutral hair bands.

No nail varnish.


Children may wear items of clothing associated with religious beliefs, such as a headscarf, in white, black or emerald green.



Children need a pair of black shorts or leggings with them each day (these can be kept in their tray or bag) for use during indoor PE sessions.

Where to buy

Our Emerald green clothing and embroidered items can be purchased at reasonable prices on line at  

From the homepage you then need to search for Sutton Courtenay school.  To order directly from the website there is a small charge for delivery.  Alternatively you can email your request to them and they will arrange free delivery to the school each term.


You may also visit the schoolwear shop in Didcot:


Trutex Schoolwear and More

14 Cockroft Road


OX11 8LL


Non-logo black items are widely available from a variety of suppliers.


Each term, the Friends of Sutton Courtenay School (FOSCS) organise second hand uniform sales where you can buy items for a donation. If you require second hand uniform between sales, please let your class teacher know.

School Uniform Policy