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Art Gallery

Year 3 - investigating symmetry in design

Year 5 - 3D Typography

Year 6 - Protest posters using ink printing techniques

Year 3 - Self Portraits in paint and pastel

Year 5 - Triptych studies of bees

Nursery - Busy bee potato prints

Year 5 - exploring typography

Year 4 - Responses in pencil to exploration of 'Angry Letters'

Year 3 - Responses in paint to the poem 'Autumn Trees'

Year 1 and 2 - investigating spirals

Year 5 - Observational sketches of food packaging

Year 2 - wax resist with background wash for polar landscape collage

Year 4 - exploring wax resist and colour bleeding

Year 6- clay self portraits

Year 5 and 6 - Sketch book studies

Year 5 and 6- experimenting with media to respond to plants

Whole school project- The House On The Rock

Year 3 and 4: observational drawing of poppies.

Year 4 and 5- Mythical creatures using line and pattern

Year 4 and 5 Paint and pattern

Year 3 and 4- Observational drawings of plants in response to the science curriculum

Whole school project- exploring circles through natural observation

Whole school project- investigating flower design through observation

Whole school project- investigating media through dots

Reception- exploring colour and surface texture

Reception- using shape and colour

Year 3 and 4- exploring line, enclosure and colour

Year 4 and 5 Collage responses to Kandinsky

Year 5 and 6- responses to Stonehenge

Year 3 and 4- large scale chalk designs

Year 5 and 6 Inspired by Anthony Gormley’s Field

Year 5 and 6 Chalk and home made charcoal

Year 3 and 4- oil crayon responses to The Great Fire of London

Year 1 and 2 Shadow puppets

Nursery- collage Diva lamps investigating translucency

Reception- Poppy Fields

Year 2- Exploring pattern with paint.

Reception: Oil crayon inspired by fireworks.

Year 2: Oil crayon- Rangoli inspired designs

Reception- Natural collage

Reception- Paint with brush and cork

Year 3 and 4 oil crayon- inspired by volcanoes

Nursery paint - investigating colour while printing with leaves

Year 2 clay- investigating pulling shapes from a block to make a superhero in Year 2

Year 4,5 and 6 pastel- understanding light source to create depth

Reception pen and paint- Feelings monsters

Reception paint and pen- Self portraits

Year 3 and 4 skyline paintings in four colours

Year 3 Pencil drawings of ‘Wild Things’ in response to their reading

Year 5 and 6 Maleable materials. Wands made with hot glue gun.

Reception- Self portraits

Year 3 Pastel drawings inspired by knowledge of cave paintings

Nursery- Wax crayon on hot rocks to create vibrant colour for rock pets.

Year 4 Use of time to create 3D effects

Year 2 Collage of Inuit traditional dress

Year 1 Pencil drawings of polar bears

Year 1 Inuit inspired printing

Year 1 Combining media and shapes

Year 3 Dragon Story Map