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Term 2

A visit from Santa during our Christmas party!

Term 2 Week 6

The Barn Owls have been very busy this week. There has been letter writing and list making, and posting Christmas cards. The elves in the workshop have been busy too. 

We were very proud of their brilliant performance on Wednesday.

On Thursday afternoon we poured water into the lid of the water tray and placed some of plastic animals in it. On Friday morning it has frozen and we enjoyed finding different ways of trying to melt and break the ice.

Keeping on the icy theme we have been matching shape snowmen together and worked really well naming and matching shapes.

Our Nativity

Term2 Week 5 It is starting to feel like Christmas...


This week we have continued to learn the Nativity story and painted pictures linked to it. We have also been busy making stars from sticks we have found around the school grounds for the FOSCS light switch on.

There was great excitement when we decorated our Christmas tree on Thursday.

The Barn Owls have been brilliant at learning the words and actions ready for our Christmas songs next Wednesday.


Term 2 Week 4 

This week we have been reading stories about animals that hibernate. We enjoyed the story of Ned the hedgehog in It was a Cold Dark Night by Tim Hopgood. We made our own hedgehogs from playdough with spaghetti spikes and used dry leaves to make a hedgehog collage too. In the nursery garden we were busy building dens that we could hibernate in!

We are starting to learn the Nativity story and become familiar with the different roles all the people had. We will continue to develop our understanding of the story next week. 

Term 2 Week 3 
We have been reading the books The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas, and Have you Filled your Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. The Barn Owls have been talking about and exploring different feelings, and how we can express them relating to different colours. There has been lots of fun mixing colours in the water tray. We are still finding colourful pom-poms in the classroom from the treasure hunt!

As it was national nursery rhyme week we had challenged the Barn Owls to learn a nursery rhyme. We were very impressed with how the children could perform them to their friends. Well done! 
The Barn Owls were brilliant at thinking of different ways we can be kind and full our kindness buckets.We hope you enjoyed the kindness cards they brought home.

We all had fun being spotty on Friday for Children in Need too. 

Term 2 Week 1 Monday 31st October 


This week we have been reading the story We are Going on a Pumpkin Hunt by Steve Metzger. We have been on our own pumpkin hunt around the school grounds. There were some pumpkins in our garden that we have been using to practise our fine motor skills by hammering nails into them and threading elastic bands around to make shapes. You can see how carefully the Barn Owls managed this. 


We have also been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have read the story The Best Diwali Ever by Sonali Shah and Chaaya Prabhat and learnt about  Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns. We have made our own lamps. The Barn Owls used a light box and colourful shapes to recreate Rangoli patterns. It has been a very busy but enjoyable week!






This week we have been creating firework pictures using shaving foam, chalk, our hands and exploding balloons.(Sorry about all the red paint on children!)

We made campfires in the garden and had the firefighters ready to put them out. On Friday we went to Forest School where we got to toast marshmallows around a real campfire. It was very exciting.

 This week we read the story Where the Poppies Grow Now by Nancy Robinson to find out why we wear poppies. We took the poppy wreath that we had made to  observe the two minutes silence with the Robins class around the campfire at Forest school. On our class window is a poppy wreath with the medals that we created for people we think our brave and helpful, just like the soldiers.