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Homework for Red Kites is all about practise and retrieval. We know that repeated practise of skills helps us to do things better (even professional athletes have to practise!) so we practise the skills we have learnt in class during the previous week. We also know that revisiting learning helps us to remember things we have learnt in the past so we use retrieval questions to support our memory of facts, knowledge and processes.


Each week there are four things to do for homework:

1. Complete the Weekly Quiz which is based on practising what you have been learning in class. The quiz is on Google Classroom
2. Read 5 times a week for 15-20 minutes (including once to an adult). Don't forget to ask an adult to sign your Reading Record
3. Make sure you have completed 50 stars on Doodle Maths (you do most of this in class)
4. Make sure you have completed 50 stars on Doodle Spelling (you do most of this in class)


Please note that some children are given different homework based on their learning needs. These children and their parents/carers will be advised by the class teacher. 


Homework is set on Mondays and should be completed by the following Monday. If you cannot complete the homework you must speak to Ms Parks or Mrs Taylor before the deadline.


Extra Special Homework - the blue box

Each child will be given the opportunity to complete the extra special homework in the blue box. When it is your turn, enjoy it! Other homework does not need to be completed when you have the box. Please remember to treat it with care and return it the following week.