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Progression in handwriting

In school we use Twinkl Handwriting which is a simple unlooped cursive style. This develops through a print style with flicks to gradual joining within words as children are developmentally ready. 

We model joined handwriting for the children when we write on the board or in books from Year 1 upwards, but we do not insist upon it until Year 3 when most children are developmentally ready.



The Development of Writing

Development through the school

It is important to remember that handwriting is closely linked to the development of children's physical gross and fine motor skills.  They need to understand directionality and to be able to orientate their whole bodies around lines and points to be successful.. Each child will develop these aspects at different rates.


We encourage a tripod grip as soon as we see signs of readiness.


We encourage the correct directionality of letters as they are introduced.


Lines are introduced later (usually in Year 1)as young children will often struggle to orientate themselves around these.


Some children are ready to attempt to join some letters within words by Year 2.  It is much more important to be forming each letter correctly however, as joined writing will come relatively easily later if this is in place.


A continuous cursive style is introduced in Year 3 for all children.

Forming letters

Our Handwriting Style