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Term 3

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Term 3 Week 5

Our last week of term has been very busy indeed! The class story this week was Charlie Crow in the Snow by Paula Metcalfe. Charlie the Crow is getting confused by the changes he can see from his tree, until his friend Bear tells him that the changes are happening because the season is changing to winter. Bear goes into his den to hibernate, but Squirrel is around to keep Charlie company and have fun in the winter. The Barn Owls were brilliant at finding and describing the right shapes they needed to made their Charlie Crow puppet from an old sock! They could also say how Charlie the crow is different to Wellington the penguin from last weeks story.

We have been learning how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We have being making lanterns to decorate our home corner. Our dragon masks were used when we joined together to perform our dragon dance. On Friday we had a very exciting visit from a dragon. Thank you Mrs. Holloway for arranging this! There was also the opportunity to use chopsticks with the wool noodles.

The wet weather does not stop us venturing outside and we had lots of fun jumping in the puddles on Friday.

As we are on half term holiday when it is Valentine's Day we made our cards this week to take home to give someone we love.

We hope you have an enjoyable week away and we look forward to seeing you back for more fun and learning in term 4.

Term 3 week 4

This week we have been reading The Magical Snow Garden by Tracey Corderoy.

Wellington the penguin wants to grow a garden, but realises that in the South Pole he can’t plant seeds, so makes his garden from colourful wrappers. We have been learning facts about penguins too. The Barn Owls made their own Wellington penguin by finding different shapes for the various body parts. We also made flowers to go on our magical garden display.

Wellington had to build a wall to protect his garden from the wind. We have been practising building a wall by moving sugar cubes with tweezers to build up our fine motor muscles! The children have independently used the Busythings program on the iPad to create their own snowflakes.

The Wendy House is a garden center this week and it has been very busy. Outside the Barn Owls have been very active, playing football, balancing on the apparatus and bucket stilts, making shape patterns with the ribbon sticks on a windy day, and fishing flowers from ice!

Polar Bears

This week we have been reading the book Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? By Bill Martin and Eric Carle. Our brick pit became the Polar Bear's cave and we went fishing under the Arctic ice too. The Barn Owls have been learning facts about Polar Bears and enjoyed pretending to be bears wearing the bear ears we made. In the book there are lots of different animals and descriptions of the sounds they make. The children were able to identify the animals from just the sounds. They have made amazing masks of the the animals from the story.

Our home corner became a vets. The Barn Owls were great vets looking after and checking the animals. The receptionists were very efficient too. Everyone got an appointment! We have also been zookeepers looking after the animals outside and making sure they were fed.

You can see we have been practising our counting by throwing bean bags into hoops.

The children have also been taking part in Write Dance sessions, which help build our gross motor coordination skills which are  needed to develop our mark making skills.

The Gruffalo's Child

This week we have continued to read and enjoy activities from the The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson.  We have made shadow puppets and our own footprint trails.  

The Wendy House has become The Gruffalo cafe where we have been making Gruffalo cake and crumble. On Thursday we had a car wash service for the customers too!

We wore our Gruffalo masks as we stepped out the story of The Gruffalo's Child. The Barn Owls have been exploring how to make the ice cubes melt to get the penguins out. 

Term 3 week 1

We have had a fantastic start to this term and it has been lovely to welcome our new Barn Owls, who have settled really well. We are very proud of our older Barn Owls who have been brilliant at showing our new friends where things are and how we follow the routines in nursery.

This week we have been reading The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson. We have used puppets to retell the story and have enjoyed exploring our own Gruffalo cave in the nursery garden.