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Term 3

This term we are learning....

In Maths this term we have been focusing on numbers to 20 and addition. This has included place value, recognising and writing numbers and counting on. In English Kestrels wrote the story One Snowy Night, focusing on our sentence structure. We used our writing process to make sure we had capitals, full stops and gaps between our words. We also learnt about adding -ed to verbs.


We've been getting creative this term! In Art we've been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and using natural resources. We did observational drawing and made some beautiful wax resist leaves. In music we have been composing our own melodies on glockenspiels using the notes C,D,E. 


Another brilliant term, well done Kestrels!

Our First Week Back

We launched our topic this term by learning about the different seasons and the changes our world goes through. We then worked together to create our class Seasons display. 


The first week back is always a tiring one, making sure we are remembering our routines and expectations and working on these.


In Phonics we are moving on to look at more digraphs. These are sounds made up of two letters. Kestrels did a brilliant job reading words with our new sound /ee/ and matching them to the pictures. They then worked on their segmenting skills by writing words to match the pictures.