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We are a mixed Year 5 and 6 class of enthusiastic, curious and kind pupils who love to learn.

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Book changing

Don't forget that books from our reading scheme can be changed on Fridays. Each child will be issued three books at a time. One book must be brought to/kept in school for daily independent reading.

18th Sept

We've now had two full weeks of school and the Falcons have settled back into school life incredibly well. Their focus and effort in maths has been particularly impressive as they have responded well to the new maths scheme we have introduced. Power Maths is part of the Active Learn family but teaches maths using a mastery approach enabling the children to apply their learning to a wide range of senarios and problems. Explaining thinking and using models to support understanding is key to mastery of maths so we have been doing a lot of maths talk. This is an example of an exchange that took place on Friday (T=teacher, S=student).

T: What is missing from this diagram?

S1: The intervals haven’t been quantified (This is a fabulous answer using specific and sophisticated vocabulary)

T: What is a negative number?

S2: A number below zero

T: So is…… 0.15 a negative number?

S3: No it’s bigger than zero. That’s a decimal number

T: Ok, so what is the difference between a negative number and a decimal number?

S3: A decimal number is between 2 numbers. A negative number is below zero.

T: So can we have negative decimal numbers?

Various students call out excitedly, “Oh yeah!” “Yeah!” “I hadn’t thought of that before”

T: Who thinks we can have negative decimals? (Some hands up)

T: Who thinks we can’t have negative decimals? (Some hands up)

T: Who’s not sure? (some hands up)

T draws a number line on the board, marking positive 1.1.

T: Can we have negative 1.1?

Students exclaim or nod in agreement with much pair discussion.

T: When might we see negative decimal numbers in real life?

S4. Maybe for temperature? So negative degree celius between whole negative numbers.


Impressive thinking and explaining Falcons!


This week we also took at trip to the Church to visit the new River Room. The children were very impressed by the modern new extension and loved the river window and bi-fold doors. We worked together to re-write Louis Armstrong's 'It's a Wonderful World' to reflect all of the positive things we feel has come out of the global Covid-19 lockdown. We will share with you when we've practised singing it.


4th September

Despite all efforts to have a normal start to the year, it just didn't go as planned as our teacher (Ms Parks) was in quarantine. However, that didn't stop the incredible Falcons making a brilliant first impression and rising to the challenge of having some of their lessons taught remotely thanks to our huge Interactive Whiteboard and some clever use of Teams and PowerPoint (we think our teachers learnt quite a lot too during lockdown).

We've been reflecting on the changes in school and in our own lives and thinking about how we can make this year the best one ever. We have been talking about our emotions and how to show how we are feeling using the Zones of Regulation. We tested out some different ways of regulating our feelings so that we are able to get ourselves into the right mood for making the most of school.

In Science we are learning all about space. We've been investigating what causes a lunar eclipse but, best of all, we have started making a giant model of the solar system!

Mrs Hornsey helped us to try out a new way of learning in maths, it was incredibly helpful to see the models and images for each concept.

Roll on Week 2 - the Falcons are ready to learn...