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Our vision at Sutton Courtenay is to provide opportunities to engage with IT in meaningful contexts derived from other subject areas, laying the foundations for successful learning and engagement in a technology rich world.


Our aim is to provide a Computing curriculum which is engaging, coherent and inclusive of all learners. Teachers aim to provide purposeful lessons, allowing students to develop their skills and knowledge across Computer Science, Digital Literacy and IT. We want to encourage children to become independent learners by developing their problem solving and programming skills, as well as being able to use technologies safety and efficiently. 


Children will have access to a designated Computing lesson 1 hour a week, with units across each year

Group having the opportunity for progression. We will be following the Teach Computing resources,

that have been developed through the government funded NCCE (National Centre for Computing

Education). See link:

The units are arranged so that our students encounter the key concepts repeatedly in each year

group.  The resources make use of an innovative progression framework where computing content

(concepts, knowledge, skills, and objectives) has been organised into interconnected networks we call 

learning graphs. 


The topics that children will follow throughout each year will link with one of the Computing strands, consisting of IT, Digital Literacy and Computer Science. These topics include: -


  • Unit 1: Computing Systems and Networks 
  • Unit 2: Creating Media 
  • Unit 3: Creating Media 
  • Unit 4: Data and Information 
  • Unit 5: Programming

Curriculum progression


Each unit has an assessment point in which will either be a summative assessment, which comprises of

a multiple-choice quiz relating to the knowledge covered within the previous lessons, or the use of a

rubric grid in which students will self or peer assess each other’s work/skills, as well as teacher

feedback. The rubric grid will follow three strands, which makes up of ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ and

‘exceeding’. Each strand highlights specific skills for students to work from so that it allows them to see

their progression.