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 Cross Country Competition


On Wednesday 2nd October Mrs Knight and Mrs Crump took 14 Year 5/6 children to the Abingdon Cross Country Competition. Following a lot of rain the course was challenging with muddy slopes and squelchy puddles, as well as being 2km. 


The children represented our school, showing exemplary behaviour, determination and support for one another. All children completed the gruelling course and even managed a smile! With about 100 runners in each race we were proud of all our competitors but a special mention goes to Josh (Yr6) and Val (Yr5) who came in the top 15!


What a team!

What a team! 1


  • Unfortunately the Abingdon partnership KS1 Multiskills sports morning at the end of September was cancelled due to the terrible weather - sorry Kingfishers!


  • At the end of this term we will be holding our first House sporting event, which all classes will take part in and earn points for their house. It will be a cross country run but a lot more fun!