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Our School Football Team

Mrs Knight and Mr Stoodley are pleased to be managing and coaching the team again this year. They train as a team on Tuesday evenings and are playing in the small Schools 7 aside league. Our team is made up of 11 amazing footballers from Year 5 and 6.

Monday 11th March

Wow, what an afternoon of football! Going into this afternoon, Sutton Courtenay were head of the group with 10 points (2 wins and a draw) against Blewbury, Harwell and Whitchurch. We knew that winning 2 games would probably secure us the overall win but how did we do.......?


Our first game was against Harwell, who were in seond place with 7 points. We managed a 4-0 win which made for a nice comfortable start. Our second game was a tough one against Blewbury and we went 1-0 down but almost immediately pulled one back to make it 1-1. In the second half it went to 2-2 and it was a very even match until right at the end when we scored 2 in quick concession finishing with 4-2. Our third game, against Whitcurch, showed we were getting tired but we made good use of rolling subs to keep fresh legs on the pitch and soon went 2-0 ahead. With less than 5 mins to go, they made it 2-1 but we defended well and pushed up to keep our lead.


This meant that we earned 12 points and after the two afternoons, we finished in first place with 22 points out of a possible 24 - pretty incredible! Well done to our team of 11 players, you were fantastic and played so well as a team, we are very proud of you. That is two years in a row that we have won the Small Schools 7 aside League.


We are going to be looking for more opportunities for our team to play other schools before the end of this season so watch this space...

Monday 5th February

We had a great afternoon at Harwell Primary School, playing the 3 other teams in our small schools 7 aside league. Each game consisted of two 10 minute halves with a quick changing of ends.


Our first game was against Whitchurch and we won 2-0. We then went into our second game against Harwell, an unlucky start meant we went 2-0 down, however came back fighting and ended with a solid 2-2 draw. Our final game was against Blewbury, we were 2-0 up at half time and then kept pressing, deserving many more goals in the second half.


This amazing performance places us at the top of the group with 10 points at this half way stage. We will meet again for the second stage on Monday 11th March. The points from both afternoons will be totalled and we will know our final position. A huge well done to our team of 11 players, they were all fantastic; showing skill, determination, teamwork and true sportsmanship.