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Our School Curriculum



Our School Curriculum


We offer a rich and vibrant curriculum which is deeply rooted in our three core values: readiness, respect, and responsibility.




We encourage children to be ready for learning and open to new challenges. We want them to be bold and courageous in their choices.



We encourage a respectful attitude to others through team working and valuing everyone’s contributions. We teach the children to have self-respect, making the most of their individual talents.



We foster opportunities for children to be responsible for their own learning, allowing them to investigate areas of interest. We encourage responsibility for school resources and careful use of them.


In our Key Stage 1 we teach much of our curriculum through themed topics, allowing children to deepen their learning by linking knowledge.


In Key Stage 2, English work is focused around high quality texts and builds on the wide range of genres in our whole school reading scheme, which every child from the youngest to the oldest is part of. Foundation subjects provide opportunities for children to apply their skills in the context of different knowledge areas. For example, they might produce reports in Geography, persuasive arguments in History, and explanations in Science.


Across the school, our staff use the Abacas scheme to support and guide (but not direct) their planning and teaching. We feel Abacas offers a mastery approach through a spiral of learning and regular investigations and problem solving activities. Whole class teaching enables all children to access the learning whilst differentiated activities, and levels of support, enable the needs of individual children to be met.

Religious Education does not usually fit with a topic and so it's taught separately as a topic of its own or as individual lessons. French is taught in Year 3, and an exciting new development is the start of Mandarin Chinese lessons for children in Years 4-6.


Wherever possible, we make links with other schools to give children opportunities to work with subject specialists. In the 2018-19, we will have specialist input in maths, English, music, drama, PE and Mandarin Chinese through pur links with Ridgeway Education Trust.


Although we value academic attainment very highly, we recognise that our 3Rs curriculum is not delivered through this alone. Therefore

  • We offer a range of after school clubs and opportunities
  • All children during their time in school will learn to play a musical instrument, and music is taught on an almost daily basis using shorts bursts of rhythm, notation and song
  • If a class or group show an interest in a particular subject, teachers will try to include this in the school year
  • All children also get the chance to perform during the year

The table below shows enrichment activities that took place in school between March and July 2018:



Rationale and expected impact

Boogie Beat sessions for Nursery children

Develop readiness for learning and phonological awareness


Builds self-confidence and allowed children Y3-6 to visit the O2 arena this year

Gardening club

Supports the learning of science and the understanding and engagement with healthy food choices.

Football club

Develops teamwork and physical fitness

Cricket club

Developed teamwork and fitness, and allowed the school to take part in local tournaments

Relax kids

Teaches mindfulness techniques and gives children strategies to cope with stress. Children report using these techniques.

Bright Sparks Science Club

Creates positive attitudes to science.

Forest School for Reception children

Develops confidence in the outdoor environment, encouraging independence and concentration.

24.3.18 Team building day at Hill End for Year 6

Bonded class and responded to behaviour concerns in the run up to SATs

2.5.18 Fire and Rescue Service visited school

Raised awareness of fire prevention strategies

3.5.18 Skipping workshop

Encourages healthy, active play

17.5.18 Nursery trip to Woodstock Dinosaur museum

Deepens understanding of classroom focus

23.5.18 Year 1 and 2 visit to Warwick Castle

To enhance understanding of castles topic

Ongoing through Term 5 and 6 – cycle training for Year 6 pupils with PCSO

To develop independence prior to transition

5.5.18 Visit from Sports for Schools Athlete

Develops growth mindset through meeting Paralympic athlete and raises money for school through sponsorship

9.5.18 BBC Oxford visit to film building project with Year 5 and 6

Developed children’s advocacy and public speaking skills

12.6.18 Year 6 to IMPS

Basic first aid training

Ongoing during Term 6 – art project to paint builders fence

Provided opportunity for talented artists to work with older Year 12 students and their teachers

21.6.18 Year 5 to Moon Buggies day

Enhances technology curriculum by providing a focus

21.6.18 Visit of 4 Chinese teachers

Raised enthusiasm and awareness prior to the launch of Mandarin Chinese in school

22.6.18 Visiting theatre company performed ‘Click’ to Year 5 and 6

E-safety awareness play

26.6.18 Year 6 to All Saints Church for ‘Experience Pentacost’

Develops deepened spiritual responses

26.6.18 Golf tournament at Drayton Golf Club

Built confidence from new challenge

27.6.18 High Attaining maths pupils at Year 5 to SBS for Maths Challenge

Additional challenge

2 and 3.7.18 Transition days for Year 6 pupils to local secondary schools

Enables independence through use of transport

5.7.18 Reception class trip to Mudeford

Enabled 8 children who had never seen the sea to experience this

11.7.18 Year 5 to DGS and SBS for ‘taster’ days

Enables pupils to get an idea of life in secondary school

12.7.18 BBC Oxford visit to film art project

Developed children’s advocacy and public speaking skills

Creative Arts At Sutton Courtenay

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We consider a thematic curriculum that links learning with the creative arts to be vital to children's development.