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The Year 1 children enjoying maths using models and images for shape and calculation.

Spring Term 2017


The children in year 1 Robins have enjoyed have maths lessons with me each week, using models and images to support them with their learning of number and shape.  They have used sand trays to write their numbers, number lines to count on and back 1 or 2 more and 1 or 2 less. The children chose lots of different counters to help them add and subtract 1 digit numbers and have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


Lots of children in year 5 and 6 have been working with me to consolidate their maths skills and having support applying their learning to problem solving using thinking and reasoning to help them explain how to solve problems.

Autumn Term 2016

Magic Maths


This term there are 4 children from year 3 working with me in the Magic Maths intervention groups, 

From Year 6 two groups are working with me.


The children have been enjoyed using models and images to help them learning and reinforcing their knowledge of number bonds to 5, 10, 20, and 100. They have used Numicon to help them understanding odd and even numbers and have used lots of difference place value equipment to remind them of the value of each digit in 2,3,4, and 5 digit numbers.


They have all worked hard on their strategies for calculating numbers.


Summer 2016



Maths Club

All the children enjoyed the lunch time maths club, playing lots of maths games and helping friends from different year groups to use their maths skills in the game.

Term 5 2016

The year 5 children worked with me each day and also groups of year 6 children had an afternoon additional maths lesson  to help prepare them for SATS.


The children had a very good attitude to learning, after a restful Easter holiday.  

They learnt about ratio to consolidate their learning and revised learning about Measure - converting metric measures of length, capacity and mass.

Numbers Count - Magic Maths

Term 3 and 4 January 2016 with Mrs. Holliss

Can you be a Mathmagician?



I worked in year 2 on Mondays and Tuesdays, team teaching with Mrs Knight in maths.  On Thursday and Fridays with Mrs. Hamblin in year 4 maths lessons.  The children  all enjoyed having additional teachers for their group teaching to help them make more progress with areas of learning which are tricky.


In the Autumn term in Magic Maths the group were my Math Magicians and worked really hard.  They successfully graduated from Numbers Count in December and received their awards. They learnt and revised lots of maths skills and are now applying them in class.


In the Spring a group of Year 3s worked with me in Magic Maths.  I continued my teaching with year 5 and 6 children on Wednesday afternoons.


Here are some photos of the children enjoying story book maths together, which inspired them when using money to add and subtract two digit numbers, and also Jake and Ethan enjoying using resources to work out 1 or 10 more or less than 2 digit numbers:

Lunchtime Maths club 

Mrs. Bint and I had 30 year 1 and 2 children who participated in the lunchtime maths club. They were enjoying playing lots of games which helped them with their maths skills;





















Numbers Count Graduates from Term 3 and 4


The 7 children working with me in Numbers Count lessons for the last two terms successfully completed their lessons and graduated from Numbers Count at the end of last term.  They were awarded certificates in the Super Stars assembly after making accelerated progress.  

They all enjoyed learning and reinforcing their maths skills and knowledge, becoming more confident about talking about their learning, making choices about the maths equipment that would help them to work out answers and justifying their thinking or explaining what to do with a partner. Here are a few examples of their lessons:


Max and Maddison were playing a card game involving adding two digit numbers.  They used their 100 grids and chose maths equipment to help them calculate.  They helped each other by explaining what to do and were able to talk about their thinking and reasoning.


Bethany, Toby and Codie-Jo were generating 2 and 3 digit numbers and adding their numbers together to find the totals. They chose whether to use a written method or number line and how to prove their answer in another way. They they had to explain to one of the partners how they worked it out and why they thought it was correct. 


Ethan was using his calculation mat from his class work with me and chose camels to help him calculate and visualise, which helped him recording his pictures, number sentence, number story and then a number line to help him calculate by adding on in tens.

Graduates from Winter Term having some extra spring term learning 

The children who worked with me for Numbers Count lessons in terms 1 and 2 had a few extra lessons with me during the spring term and some of them worked in the lighter touch intervention, 1st Class @ Number with Mrs Bint.   

Here are some of the children enjoying some estimating, counting and calculating the difference activities with our butterfly catching game:


Numbers Count maths club last term

Numbers Count maths club was a great success last term.  36 children joined the lunch time club with me and Mrs. Bint setting out lots of maths, number games and equipment in the nursery area for children to play, and enjoy.  Many graduates from Numbers count joined the club and showed their friends how to play games.  Some children liked writing calculations on white boards.  Some of the younger children enjoyed counting camels and some of the key stage two children enjoyed playing chess and card games.  Here are a few examples:

Jake and Esme had fun playing the Magic Cauldron game using addition, subtraction and multiplication questions to see who could win the game by getting the most accurate answers. Jake enjoyed showing Esme how to play.



The year 3 girls played snakes and ladders together, having lots of discussion about the rules and being fair. 


Izzy and Sophie played the Exchange game, using pounds, 10ps and 1ps to combine and exchange their money.


Mae and Elsie played Chess whilst Sophie and Izzy helped them with the rules.


Ralph, Jake and Reinhard chose to record some number sentences.


Lots of the girls liked spending their time writing times tables, calculation number sentences, or number bonds on white boards, then asking for a photocopy to take back to class.


Nikita and Katie enjoyed playing the Magic Caldron with some other year 3 girls.


Tauni and Elektra were very happy playing Magic Cauldron and debating why they knew they had the correct answers.

Some of the year 4 and 5 children chose card games to play.