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Children are able to join our nursery the term after they turn 3.  Our renovated nursery classroom is inviting and bright and is full of resources to allow your child to explore and learn whilst they make friends.  Sessions are taught by our experienced Class Teachers and Nursery Nurse to ensure that your child gets off to the very best start.


Morning sessions will run from 8.45 till 11.45, and are for children who are in the school year in which they turn 4 (the year before they start school full time in a reception class). There are also afternoon sessions, which run for those children who are eligible for 30 hours extended provision under the new scheme (see below) or who have birthdays the autumn and spring and have more than a year to go before they start school full time.


If you are interested in your child joining our Nursery, please do make an appointment by contacting our school office on 01235 848333 to arrange a visit.

30 hours Funded Childcare From September 2017

As of September 2017 our Nursery Class (Barn Owls) offers extended hours to eligible parents under the '30 hours' scheme.  The scheme is designed to help families where both parents work (even part time).  To check your eligibility, follow the link below:


In addition to the morning sessions running between 8.45 and 11.45, children eligible for the 30 hours funding are able to stay for five afternoon sessions, which will run between 12.15 and 3.15.  They are able to stay in school for the half-hour lunch break, at a charge of £4 per day which includes a hot meal.


If you are eligible, you are allowed to split your sessions between two providers.  However, we ask that you use a minimum of 15 in our setting if you choose to to this, for our financial viabliity.

A Typical Day in Nursery

A Typical Day in Nursery 1
A Typical Day in Nursery 2
A Typical Day in Nursery 3
A Typical Day in Nursery 4
A Typical Day in Nursery 5
A Typical Day in Nursery 6
A Typical Day in Nursery 7
A Typical Day in Nursery 8
A Typical Day in Nursery 9