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Some images from the last couple of days showing what we have been getting up to. Well done everyone - keep up the hard work. Most of all remember to be kind and stay home.


Dear All Wrens,

Well done for making a fabulous start on our home learning adventure. It has been a delight to receive your work back today and I am looking forward to getting better at setting this and finding innovative new ways to help you learn.

I will aim to update the web page every couple of days with examples of things you have been up to, or with work you have shared with me. 

Remember if you get stuck them you can email me. 

Photos from some of your learning today

Home Educating - outline of timetable

Term 4  - Climate Crusaders


Welcome back to term 4. We are indulging ourselves in the excellent story by Katherine Rundell 'The Explorers' and as this is based in the Amazon jungle it brings to life the environment our heroes find themselves plunged into.

This links perfectly with our curriculum study on climate change and we have been asking ourselves what are the causes of climate change. We are combining this with a trip to The Living Rainforest to help us experience for ourselves some of the plants and animals we have been reading about.


Our English work this term began with poetry, focused around the art work of 'Tiger in a tropical storm' by Henri Rousseau. We are now concentrating on character studies and diary writing based on the main characters from The Explorers.

In this very busy term we are also working incredibly hard with Nightingales class to put on a production also based around how to look after our planet  - it is called The Econauts and I know we will be very excited to show it to everyone on Tuesday 31st March and Wednesday 1st April.



Term 2 - ITALY

This term we are moving from our historical focus on the Roman period and looking at a geographical focus on Italy. Our understanding of the country began whilst looking at Rome during the Roman period and we will now look at how the country has developed over time. Looking at the physical geography of the region and the effect human impact has had over time, as well as looking at the country's many famous landmarks and some of the traditions Italy is renowned for.





A few photos from our trip to the Dentists!

D&T Project - making Roman shields.

Trip to SCEEC - 3rd October 2019

Investigating Romans - we tried chariot racing!

Welcome to the new academic year 2019-20.

Teaching Team:

Mrs Vickers (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AM and Friday)

Mrs Knight (Wednesday PM and Thursday)

Mrs Clark and Mrs Taylor


Our learning this term will be history focused on the Romans - we will work on the chronology, key historical figures and the impact and legacy the Roman period left us with.



This Term, Wrens class will have PE on Mondays and Thursdays. Children should keep their P.E kits hung on their pegs all week. Children need: Black shorts, green t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls, as the weather turns colder track suit bottoms and a sweat shirt can be worn for outdoor PE. (Please can girls who wear tights also keep a pair of black PE socks in their PE bag).

Thank you!


Homework Expectations:



Children are expected to read for at least 15 minutes every day.

Record the reading your child has done in their yellow Reading Records.

Reading records will be checked weekly and books changed daily when necessary.

(Please note books will not be changed unless reading is recorded as it will be assumed that the book has not been finished.)


Children need to bring their reading wallets into school every day.


Homework content

Children will be given their homework on a Wednesday and are expected to complete and hand it in by the following Monday. Times tables will feature heavily as well as spellings, and a weekly task which will either be maths or English focused. All homework is used to reinforce the learning that has taken place in the classroom.


Classroom Notices:


Voluntary Active Learn Maths Games

All children have been given an Active Learn login enabling them to access the fun Maths games online at home.

These games are completely voluntary, but are provided to allow children the opportunity to revisit and build upon previous learning, as well as to explore new learning.



It is important to drink enough water each day and so we recommend bringing in a clean water bottle daily which can be kept in the classroom and drunk during snack times. Water bottles can also be filled up from the sink in the classroom. Throughout the day, there are many opportunities for the children to have a drink of water. If they do not have a water bottle, the children can have a drink from the water fountains in school at break times and lunchtimes. Only WATER is allowed in bottles that are brought into the classroom. Squashes and fruit juices can be drunk with lunches, however are not allowed to be drunk at any other time of the school day.