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Takeover Day


Well done to all the children in the school, who went that little bit extra and applied for roles within the school staff team. You all did a wonderful job!


Well, what can we say about our Wrens and Nightingales? Mrs Henson, Mrs Vickers, and Miss Hayden were all thrilled to discover that children wanted to takeover our roles for the day. And, they achieved this with bells on! 


Miss Roche did a super job of taking the register and making sure that everyone was ready to learn in school, whilst Mr Frankum was in charge of the 'chime' and ensuring that children stopped their work to listen to the next instruction as necessary.


Mr Gough was wonderfully responsible during his playground duty and ensured that children were able to play safely. He also supported Mr Butler during his superbly detailed and informative lesson about the ocean. The children in both Wrens and Nightingales were engrossed in the lesson and learned so much about different sea creatures.


Miss Hayden was particularly thrilled by her TA helpers - Miss Hitchcox and Miss Grant - whilst Mrs Appleyard was full of praise for Mr Truesdale and Miss Gould. A job well done, Year 3 and 4.


Well done, also, to all those children who had not applied for roles but supported their classmates throughout the day and behaved so well. 


"You've got to pick a pocket or two..."


Following a lesson reading an extract from Charles Dicken's novel, Oliver Twist, Wrens and Nightingales looked at the different jobs poor Victorian children were expected to do in order to survive. From mudlarking, bone-picking, chimney sweeping and selling matches, the one which fascinated the children the most was 'finding the pure'. I'm sure that they will indulge you with the definition of what this means....


The children also debated whether the hard life as a pickpocket would be worth it, in order to escape the horrors of the Workhouse. We lightened the mood by learning the song, 'Pick a pocket or two' from the Musical, Oliver. Watch out for one of the children who may be pick-pocketing a handkerchief from their classmate! 

Children of the Revolution


A new term and a new topic! 


As we approach the winter months and Christmas beckons, Wrens and Nightingales step into the exciting world of the Victorians. With a particular focus on the lives of Victorian Children, we will be learning about many different aspects of everyday life for both the rich and poor. 


Many of the children were keen to share their knowledge as soon as the term began, and were enthusiastic to learn more about the life and reign of Queen Victoria. Both classes went on to write some super information texts, full of interesting information and fun facts.






Welcome back to an exciting year, Wrens!



(Topic Term1 - Potions)



"Curiouser and curiouser," cried Alice...

"If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later."

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll


Intrepid chemists, enter our class laboratory where you will discover the mysteries of our topic: Potions! We will unlock the secrets of how to change liquids into solids and solids into gases. Together we shall read fictional stories and historical documents of what happens when medicines, tinctures and concoctions are used to try and heal illness; not always with the intended results!

PE kits


Wrens and Nightingales will be working together in class every afternoon. Joint PE lessons will take place every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Please ensure that children have their complete PE kit ready for each lesson. As we begin to start heading towards cooler temperatures, it would be very useful if all children had warm clothing as well as shorts and t-shirts. Many thanks!

Following a hugely enjoyable Transition Day, Mrs Henson is very much looking forward to seeing and working with you all again this year. As a much loved bear once said...