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Term 1

Things that have come up at home visits:


  • Donations of afternoon snack can be brought in after we start full time so no panic! We try and avoid any chocolate and stick with things like dry biscuits, raisins, carrot, cucumber sticks. 
  • Children will be attending celebration assembly after Christmas and this will be on a Friday afternoon - parents are warmly invited. It starts at 2:40. 
  • Once the children are settled and we are full time I will let you know when you can come into the classroom on a Friday to see your children's books and the classroom environment that we will be busy doing together in the next few weeks. Before Christmas you will be able to come through Nursery garden at 3:00pm on a Friday to see your child's work and spend a little bit of time in the classroom. 
  • Forest School will start up once we are in full time. I will send out a little note to make sure you are aware of what to wear. If you look in your school pack I made you in July there was a list of clothes to wear. 
  • our first trip will be to discover the church before the Harvest service. On this day all children will need a pack lunch. More details to follow for this little trip. . .
  • If you haven't booked a home visit yet and would like one, please do have a chat with me after school and I can book you in as there are still some slots. So far they have been really helpful for everyone. 


Term starts on Thursday 6th September.

Mrs Hunt and I (Mrs Potter) will meet you on the playground at 8:35.

(Pick up will be from the same place at 13:15)


- Remember our priority is your child in the morning so we may not have time to chat to adults as we want children to have the best settled start they can. If you need to discuss something please do go round to reception where Mrs Appleyard will be more than happy to help you. 


Quick check - are you all ready?

* Uniform all named.

* PE bag named and full with t-shirt, shorts and indoor shoes?

* Have you filled in your forms - all in the pack given to you on our induction evening?

* Pop any forms filled in into your child's named book bag ready for their first day. If your child has done anything, they want to show such as their little pack then please put that in their book bag too.

* Although we do not encourage children to bring in toys, we do understand some children need a transitional object:


Some children have a little blanket that they feel safe with or it could be you think your child will be nervous so may need something to make them feel more confident. I would suggest giving your child a little something that can fit in their pocket. Explain that the little something wants to come to school too so could they look after it (little Lego figure, Sylvanian Families figure). Most items are placed into their pigeon holes for collection at the end of the day or used to comfort any children who feel they need a little bit of reassurance.

Oxford Mail visiting soon:

Every year the Oxford Mail come into all Reception classes across the county and take a picture of them as a class and busy in the classroom.

If you are happy for your child to be part of the photo, on Monday we will have a signup sheet. When it is published I normally tell the children they are famous for the day! Lovely momentum to keep and last year they allowed us to sell the new papers cheaper than the shops!