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SATs are your opportunity to show off everything you have learnt at primary school and prove just how smart you are. We want you to be relaxed and confident and will do everything we can to help you be prepared and ready to make yourself proud!


This year SATs week will start on Monday 14th May but you won't necessarily have assessments every day. We will be holding a breakfast club, for Year 6 pupils, every morning so that you can stock up on brain food and have a good chat with your friends and teachers to boost your confidence.


The SATs assessments will be held in the hall (or in other rooms in the school) so it will all feel very familiar and just like the assessments you have every term.


At the end of the week we will have a big celebration!


You will take 6 assessments

Monday 14th May

English - Spelling 

English - Grammar, punctuation and spelling


Tuesday 15th May

English - Reading (comprehension)


Wednesday 16th May

Maths - Arithmetic (paper 1)

Maths - Reasoning (paper 2)


Thursday 17th May

Maths - Reasoning (paper 3)


Writing is assessed in school but may be subject to external moderation. Examples of the expected level of writing can be found at


Samples of recent current curriculum (and past old curriculum) papers can be found at

These will be familiar to you as you have already tried them out but do look at them again as they will help you understand what to expect. They are still very useful for practice.


We will be holding a meeting for pupils and parents on Thursday 18th January at 7pm where we will answer any questions you may have and show parents how they can support your revision at home. We will also give advice on revision books and provide you with SATs packs to help you practice.

Don't forget to ask questions if there is anything you don't understand. We are here to help you.


Remember: effort = reward


You will do brilliantly!