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Welcome to our new reception children!!

Welcome to our new reception children!! 1

Teaching team

Miss Healy 

Mrs Hutchinson (Monday to Friday AM)

Mrs Hawkins (Monday to Friday PM)


As discussed at our parent workshop, teachers continually assess pupils to determine how they are progressing and identify their next steps in learning. We track pupils throughout the year to determine their attainment and their progress, and put measures in place to support those who are at risk of not meeting their targets. As part of this assessment all children in reception are assessed called a baseline, this is in the first 6 weeks. 

Our topic this term is.... MAGICAL ME!

Term 1 Curriculum letter

We subscribe to this fantastic website so you can enjoy excellent activities at home with your child as well as the children using it in school.


For robins our password and user is:


This will give you access to a range of activities suitable for their age. You can see on the photo there is an option for assignments - if you click on here you may need to support your child completing these. They are short fun activities that we can then print off and you can celebrate in their learning journeys once they are completed.