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Welcome to Term 6 


Travel and Transport


Transistion Day 1st July 

Bring all children to our classroom as normal. I (Mrs Potter) will great them as normal, chat to them about what the plan of the day is and introduce them to their new teachers. You need to pick them up from their new teachers classroom. To save lots of belongings going missing, please can your child not bring in their bookbag on Monday or any toys (explain to the children there is no 'day care' today!). They will need a coat if it is likely to rain, a sun hat and sun lotion already applied if it is hot. Make sure sun hats are named. They will need their water bottles. 


Staff in Robins class:

Monday:               Mrs Potter, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Hutchinson (AM)

                                    Mrs Potter and Mrs Hawkins (PM)

Tuesday:             Mrs Potter, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Hutchinson (AM)

                                    Mrs Potter and Mrs Hawkins (PM)

Wednesday:       Mrs McDowell, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Hutchinson (AM)

                                   Mrs Potter and Mrs Hawkins (PM)

Thursday:          Mrs Potter, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Hutchinson (AM)

                                  Mrs McDowell and Mrs Hawkins (PM)

Friday:                Mrs Potter, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Hayden (AM)

                                 Mrs Potter and Mrs Hawkins (PM)


Mrs Potter: 


Save the date/be prepared:


  • Class trip to the Look Out Centre 24th June 2019 - arrive at normal time of 8:40. If you would like to volunteer for this trip please phone the office and ask Mrs Appleyard to add you to the list. It will be a first come way of parents coming on the trip. If you can volunteer please do ensure you are able to come to school at 8am on Monday the 24th so I am able to run through all the paper work and expectations for the trip. Unless you are informed on the day of the trip due to traffic, we will be arriving back at school in time for normal pick up time. 
  • Forest School will continue this term - less layers but always thin long sleeved top and trousers. NO SHORTS 
  • Please ensure your child brings in a water bottle each day, a handy tip I learnt from a parent was keeping them in the freezer over night so they are frozen and keep cool as the day goes on. (Make sure you don't fill the water bottle up to the top as you want to leave room for expansion as it freezes!). Please make sure it is only water in their water bottles. I can confirm they all drink water in school. 
  • As it is getting warmer, your child needs sun cream on - I would highly recommend P20 which lasts all day and is waterproof. Otherwise put a good layer on in the morning. We are not allowed to put sun cream on your child but if you bring a bottle into school, clearly labelled and give it to an adult we will support your child putting it on themselves just before lunch time. 
  • Sun hat, labelled with their name and in every day, we will insist they wear it when it is sunny outside. 


First Aid course for parents and carers. 

The first aid for baby and child course is perfect for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, babysitters, foster parents and carers of babies and young children. Suitable for people 16 years and over, this course is designed to teach you a range of first aid skills to cope with emergency situations for babies and children from birth to puberty.

In a typical year up to half of infants under 12 months and a quarter of older children will attend hospital. Bumps and falls are inevitable and thankfully most aren’t serious, but it is important that you know what to do if you find yourself in a first aid emergency.

This course will teach you simple life-saving techniques and give you the opportunity to practice the skills as you learn, so you will feel more confident should you need to use them in real life.

Course content includes:
- dealing with an emergency
- choking baby and child
- unconscious breathing baby and child
- unconscious not breathing baby and child
- fever and febrile seizures
- head injury
- burns
- swallowed something harmful
- nosebleed

Course lasts around 3.5 hours
Booking essential, as spaces are limited to 12 use the link to book online                     
Please be aware that this is an adult only course and therefore it is unsuitable to bring children.

Sun, 9 June 2019 10:00 – 13:30

Our learning theme will be based upon:


Trains, Planes and Automobiles


This term we will be looking at places around the world and how to travel to them. We will be looking at animals and how we could transport them back home to their native countries. We will be starting out topic based around the book: ‘You Can’t take an Elephant on the Bus’ and using some beautiful wooden animals to inspire us. We will investigate forces, capacity and distance.


The topic will develop with the children's interests. Photos and weekly updates to the class page will keep you up to date with what we discover. 


Please remind children we have very clear rules in school:

Kind hands, Kind feet, Kind words


Red cards are being issued frequently now the children are fully aware of expectations and rules in school. 


The weather is getting warmer! 


Please be aware that any cotton layers will soak up sweat and will leave you child cold, even on cold wet days your child will get hot and sweaty under their waterproofs. Its not about the amount of layers your child has on to keep warm and dry its about the type of fabrics the layers are in.


Children need to wear at least one layer that is thin but covers their arms and legs. There is a chance of ticks but a higher chance of scratches from where they push their way through the bushes. Covering arms and legs will also give them some protection from the sun. Sun hats need to be worn if it is sunny as does sun tan lotion.  

We subscribe to this fantastic website so you can enjoy excellent activities at home with your child as well as the children using it in school.

For robins our password and user is:


This will give you access to a range of activities suitable for their age. You can see on the photo there is an option for assignments - if you click on here you will need to support your child completing these. They are short fun activities that I can then print off and you can celebrate in their learning journeys once they are completed. 


Classroom rules and how you can help at home:

At home it would be really useful to chat to your child about the classroom rules:

kind hands, kind feet, kind words. 


Discuss with them what that means and also have a chat about what they could they do

if they feel someone else is not using these rules.

Encourage your child to talk to an adult but most

importantly to say very loudly 'stop'. This will ensure adults quickly help in all situations. 


We have a gorgeous class of children who can become very excitable

and sometimes forget their own powers with their hands when they are trying to share their excitement with their friends.  

Children are assigned to a house - we collect smiles for ourselves but also house points for our whole school team. Attached is a list of what house your child in Robin class is in.

Save the date:

Phonics workshop: 6th November 19:00 - this an opportunity to learn how we teach phonics, how you can support your child at home with their reading and writing as well as have some fun, drink tea/coffee and eat a few biscuits! This is not for children to attend. If you are unable to attend please do not worry as I will be uploading the PowerPoint and resources onto our class page after the event. 


Parents Evening: - 13th and 15th November 15:30 - 7:00. 

It is not expected to bring your child to the meeting but they are more than welcome if you have an earlier slot. You can book these via Parent Mail - if you are not sure how to do this please do visit the office as soon as you can and Mrs Appleyard will be happy to help you. Please do come and speak to me if you would like an appointment on the 15th in the afternoon as I am more than happy to accommodate anyone who finds it tricky after school or in the evening. 


Non-Uniform day - 16th November bring in sweets for the Christmas Bazaar (24th November)

Dear Parents, 

Tomorrow (Tuesday 9th October) the children need to arrive at school at the normal time of 8:40. All children in Robins class need a pack lunch as we will be eating it at the church. 

You are welcome to come to the church service starting at 1:30 or pick up after the service at about 2:30. (PLEASE do let me know in the morning if you are picking up from church - I will leave a signing sheet on the table on the playground.)

If you are going to be picking up from school we will aim to be back at 3:10 but bare in mind we have little legs and may take a while to walk back after the service. 

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. The children have been singing beautifully today ready to perform in the church. A little treat if you are able to come. 

Best wishes, 

Mrs Potter