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Welcome back to Term 6

This is a long term with a VERY exciting trip for the whole class. Please do not worry I have visited the area many times. I will be doing a short presentation about the trip for any parents/carers who would like to see the agenda for the day (date will be confirmed and this will be a quick presentation after school - I will send a parent mail out with date and time as soon as I can).


I huge thank you for all the lovely homemade cards and wedding cards I received. We were overwhelmed on Sunday when we opened them all. Thank you for the beautiful presents and drinkable ones. I had a wonderful day full of laughter and giggles. I have attached a few photos as promised to the children


Please do visit Term 6 documents below to find out lots of information. 


Adults supporting your children: 

Mrs Potter (Mon-Fri except Wed) 

Mrs McDowell (Wed)

Mrs Hutchinson (Mon-Fri)

Mrs Hunt (AM)

Angela (Miss Holden) and Mary volunteer in our class and we are very grateful for all their support each week. 


Mrs Potter!

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When you log in, scroll down to assignments and there are activities I have set up for the children to complete. I check these regularly and can print any work off to place in their learning journeys. Most of the assignments are closely linked to our current topic. 

Dates for the diary:

  • Forest school every Friday morning.
  • School starts 16th April and finishes 25th May (normal time of 15:10) 
  • Celebration assembly is every Friday 2:40. Parents are warmly welcome but please do not worry if you are not able to attend. Each week two children will be nominated from each class, parents ARE NOT warned in advance but you will be aware if your child is going up in assembly for certificates such as reading as chidlren earn these in partnership with home.


Key Messages:

  • We would appreciate donations for snack in the afternoon. 
  • Water bottles are to be brought in every day and taken home to clean daily. 
  • Sun hats will need to be brought in daily, please do ensure they have your child's name labelled

Questions to ask your child about their day

Phonics workshop 4th October - Please find attached the powerpoint which we covered this evening. Thank you to all those who attended.

Articulation of Phonemes - this will help you ensure you are saying the sounds correctly to support your child

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).