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15th July

The countdown to the end of term is now on but we have still been working hard.  In English we have now finished our retelling of 'The Money Pit', the local legend set in and around Wittenham Clumps.  We have done lots of editing and improving to make sure it is our best.  In Maths we have learnt about angles and how to interpret and draw line graphs and used some great computer programs to help us to learn.  Our journey from  Celts to Normans has come to an end and we are looking forward to our "Invaders and Defenders" craft day on Monday.

Well done to Falcons for a fantastic performance. We really enjoyed the dress rehearsal.  You have set the bar high!

Working carefully on our artwork

8th July

We have had a bit of a change to our normal routine this week. We started with our transition days on Monday and Tuesday. We then had an enjoyable visit to the Earth Trust, Little Wittenham. Luckily, the weather was very kind to us. We started the day at the centre learning about how and when different people settled in Britain, even beyond the ice age.  It was fascinating to learn that we had some very unusual and exotic creatures roaming our lands.  Who would have thought that sabre toothed tigers roamed around Britain?   Next we explored Wittenham Clumps, starting with a run up the hill (children, not adults)!  One or two of the class showed how amazingly fit they were by running the whole way up without stopping. We discovered amazing views from the clumps.  Romily, our leader, explained where the Celts, Saxons and Romans settled in the local area.  We visited Castle Hill, accessing it the hard way by climbing up the hill fort's steep banks.  Then we learnt about the local legend of The Money Pit.  Legend has it that an ancient king was buried on the top of the hill with all of his money and treasures.  The site was guarded by a raven, who accompanied the body on its journey to the afterlife.  Two brothers attempted to dig up the treasure for themselves but were cursed by the raven and both died following their quest.   The tale was made all the more fascinating when we learnt that raven bones were excavated from the site some years ago but no treasure has been discovered.   During the afternoon, we made our own models of mythical creatures and made our own paint from ground chalk. It was a fascinating day.  We have been learning to retell the legend both orally and in writing in our English lessons.

Take a look at the pictures below showing some of the things we have been doing this week.

Stepping our stories

1st July

This week Red Kites  have been learning about Myths and Legends in English and finding out about their key features. In our drive to learn the class spellings, we have been trying out lots of different strategies.  This week we had some fun with 'blindfold spelling'.  This helped the children to picture the spellings in their minds.  In Maths they have learnt how to use co-ordinates to locate and describe the position of shapes when they have been translated.  There were some competitive pairs working on  the games we played to secure understanding.

       It was disappointing that we were unable to go on our community picnic.  The English weather has done its worst this week!  Everyone worked with great focus on our community plans, looking at the proposed housing developments and thinking about what they would like to see in the village.  The children had some interesting and thoughtful ideas to present. The class worked in planning groups to present their ideas which were displayed for parents on Thursday.  We hope that you managed to get to see some of them.

These pictures show some of the activities we have been doing this week.


SUMMER FETE: A prize winning head-dress and our class float.

24th June

This week Red Kites have been continuing to learn more about Britain during the Celtic, Roman and Anglo Saxon periods of British history.  They have learnt a lot about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Romans. It has been lovely to hear so many  of the children talking about their learning and asking questions to further their understanding about why people acted the way they did. I have been impressed with the effort everyone put into their newspaper reports about Boudicca's final battle.   Well done to everyone for their effort in Maths and their motivation to improve their learning. 

I hope that we have good weather for the fete tomorrow. The decorated tolleys are all looking fantastic.  Our class chariot is looking very impressive. Well done to everyone who worked with so much care to put it together.  A special thanks to Mrs Taylor for pulling it all together.  What a great parade it should be.



17th June

This week has flown by again. We have been busy finding out about the life of Boudicca and her place in British history.  We learnt about the battle in which she led the Celts against the Romans who invaded Britain. We looked at different representations of her and thought about which ones were most reliable.  In our English lessons we learnt to read our newspaper report text map about the mythical story of Romulus and Remus and have begun our shared writing about the first Roman invasion of Britain. The children have been working hard to develop their vocabulary to make sure that they are able to use effective language in their own writing.  In maths we have been working on rounding whole numbers and decimals. It has been great to see such focus and perseverence by all of the class.  In P.E. we have been practising our running skills, thinking about running techniques to develop speed. We enjoyed some games to develop the skills.  

 Our Kate Greenaway shadowing group has been updating their group page on the website.  Please take a look at their blog.




12th June

Welcome back to a new term and to some sunshine - and rain!  We hope that you all had an enjoyable half term break and that everyone is ready for a term packed with lots of exciting learning activities.  Apologies for the lack of photographs at the moment; the pictures would not load but I will try to solve the problem and post them as soon as possible. Do take a look at our display in the entrance hall with all of wonderful art work that the class created.



This term out topic is INVADERS AND DEFENDERS. We will be learning about how Britain changed from the time of the Celts to the Norman invasion of 1066.  We will learn about the main events and consequences of invasions and finding evidence which still exists today.

During our first week whe have found out about the Celts and have researched what life in Celtic Britain was like.  We have designed some Celtic shield. We have begun learning about newspaper report writing and have had some fun trying to create some of our own headlines.  On Friday, we joined with Kingfishers and Falcons and spent the morning designing our own commemorative stamps for The Queen's 90th birthday. Some of these will be on display in the church next week. 

27th May

We started this week with an exciting workshop 'Life Long Ago' where the children learnt about the fossil evidence for dinosaurs.  They took part in some archaelology, unearthing the evidence and making some fascinating discoveries. It was very exciting at the end of the day when we got to meet Millie the dinosaur.  Take a look at the school gallery on the home page. 

      What a busy end to the term, finishing off our Ocean Deep, Mountain High topic.  The children ended the topic by painting their own 3D sea creatures which they had invented based on one of the marine classification groups.  There are some very interesting and detailed creations which will be displayed in the entrance hall next term, along with other artwork.

       Well done to everyone for their hard work on fractions; I was very pleased to hear the words "Can we carry on doing fractions, please." and to see confidence growing daily.  Self belief is an important factor in learning which we encourage and nuture.  

       On Friday, we had an unusual Cricket match; Layland and Harvey challenged the rest of the class to a game of diamond cricket.  2 against 20!  They won 13 - 0.  Their incredible team work and athletic skills were very impressive to watch. Well done, boys.

       Many thanks to parents and families for your support with the homework projects.  What an amazing range of models we have had, and such attention to detail.  I have learnt lots of new facts about the mountains.  The models will be displayed for everone else to appreciate as well.  Take a look at the pictures in our slideshow below.


I hope that you all have a great half term break and I look forward to seeing you ready for our new topics next week.

Sea Creatures and Water Cycle Posters

20th May

This week Red Kites have been busy working on Fractions in maths and have been learning how to find equivalent fractions and place fractions on a number line.  In English we have been learning about the language of discussion texts and have learnt to read a text map to help us with our own writing. For our spelling lessons, we tried out some new activities and played 'Quiz, Quiz, Trade' to help us to learn some tricky words.  In topic we have been finding out how ocean creatures are classified and have invented our own creatures in art, using wax resist techniques.  These creatures are now displayed in our new classroom aquarium.  We owe huge thanks to  Mr Philips, an experienced mountain climber who came to visit our class and tell us all about his mountain experiences.  He brought in lots of equipment for us to look at and try on, and answered all of our questions and more.  We found out lots of fascinating things and had a really enjoyable afternoon as you can see from the photographs.  

13th May

We have had another week packed full of learning. This week we have been exploring the depths of the ocean.  On Tuesday, we travelled down through the different layers of the ocean and found out what conditions are like in each layer.  Using the bbc wildlife website, we discovered that there are some weird and wonderful creatures lurking in the depths. We began making our own layers of the ocean posters which we hope to display soon.

In Maths we have been taking on the challenge of learning about fractions. We started by making our own fraction walls to help us when we were exploring equivalent fractions.  The children worked carefully to try and make sure that all of the pieces were equally measured.  In English we have been exploring discussion texts and learning our text off by heart using a text map to help us.  There is an ongoing battle between the girls and boys to see who can remember it and read it most accurately.  It's quite even at the moment but the competition continues!  In our PE sessions we have carried on with our striking and fieldsing skills and have been learning some overarm bowling techniques.  

6th May

Although the week was missing one day, it seems to have still been a full week with lots of learning going on.  We have been continuing with our work on measures and problems solving and will be using our understanding of measures to record height and depth data for our mountains and oceans.  We are learning about the work of meteorologists and will become school meteorologist, collecting our local weather data.  In P.E. we have been continuing to practise our striking and fielding skills and have learnt how to play 'Continuous' and 'Diamond' cricket.  Both of the games are quite fast paced and we need to make sure that we are ready and watching all the time.  

In our English lessons we have been finising off our descriptive writing and have learnt how to use commas in different types of lists.  We had fun trying out a new program 'nearpod' which is an interactive program on the ipads.  Thanks to Ms Parks for introducing us to it.  We look forward to finding even more ways of incorporating it into our lessons.  

Our Kate Greenaway group have begun their shadowing of the book awards and we will be finding out what they have enjoyed about the book they have read. We will post our ideas on the shadowing website (The link is below).

We have had research sessions during our guided group time for children to gather information for their projects and we will have a session each week set aside for this.  

If you have not already done so, please take a look at your child's descriptive writing which I posted last week.

April 29th 

Red Kites have worked hard with growing imagination and creativity.  In  topic work they have found out how mountains are made and have made their own 'lift the flap' information leaflets to show what they have learnt.  Did you know that there are at least five different kinds of mountain, each formed in a different way? If you visit the classroom you will be able to find out all about them.  In maths they have been learning about metric units of measure and have learnt how to convert between different units. They have been working practically to explore and develop their understanding of capacity, mass and length in order to solve problems.

In English, the children have completed their descriptive writing learning journey and have produced some very impressive writing. They have really enjoyed playing around with words and phrases and have become effecient at using dictionaries and thesauruses to find new words to use. Together, we developed a working wall full of ideas and examples of our success criteria.  The children took an active part in adding examples of vocabulary they had found to help everyone to choose more interesting descriptions,  They have shared ideas and 'magpied' some interesting ideas from authors and each other.


 I am very proud of how much effort and creativity that the children have shown. You can read extracts from their descriptions below.

We created some of our own new words using the prefixes 'auto', 'super' and 'inter'.

April 22nd

We have had another busy week with lots of learning opportunities and chances to develop our creativity and imagination.  We have been using our class novel 'Tuck Everlasting' to explore characters using our 'role on the wall' to note down our ideas, and have been engaging in lots of 'Booktalk' to reflect on the story and our understanding.  In the story we have been introduced to the family who, by accident, have been 'gifted' with everlasting life. We started off with the question 'Would you like to live forever?'  Through lots of discussion, we have considered the positives and negatives and also the impact on the Earth and its population.  There were some very thoughtful comments and questions arising out of the discussion.  









The author has chosen incredibly descriptive langauge to create her sense of place and we have been looking closely at how she has done this and have used the ideas to develop our own descriptive writing. Here are some of the ideas that the children have generated through partnership writing:

Bluebells whispered in the wind.

The interlacing roots of the mossy tree trunk burrowed into the soft earth.

The sound of scuttling in the bushes seemed to follow her along the path.

Along the margins of the path, the sapphire flowers glistened in the sunlight.

Blankets of the most beautiful bluebells flooded across the forest floor.

Slowly, the shadows disappeared behind the clouds.

Bluebells shone like sapphires in the moonlight.

Mae saw the beautiful, turquoise kingfishers feeding their young  on the edge of the still, cool pond.

The fragrant smell of the beautiful purple lavender, flooding the path.

When we have finished our description we will add them to the website so that you can read all of the fantastic descriptive writing that the children have produced.

We also joined with Falcons on Friday to help them to plant their seeds from space.  We have a couple of photographs below.  We wait with interest to see how they will grow!

In our topic we have been learning about mountains, locating them in Britain and around the world.  We have also learned about the different features and have used collage and art techniques to show our understanding.  

In maths, we have been learning about different units of measure and are beginning to convert between different units.

Mountain Art

Practising our striking and fielding skills

Rocket Seeds!

Term 5 Curriculum Letter

Term 5

Welcome Back



Get ready to go on a fascinatng journey to the deepest oceans and the highest mountains.  How deep can you dive?  How high can you climb? What will you find there?  During this term we will be finding out about these remote and fascinating parts of our amazing world in our topic,                               Mountain High.

                                                              Ocean Deep, 



Well done to all of the children for their brilliant performace of 'OINK'.  What superstars we have in our school.  You made us all so proud with your brilliant acting and singing, and your confidence to perform in front of so many people, despite some jangling nerves!  In the midst of all of the practice and performance, you showed what great citizens and ambassadors for the school you are by taking part so enthusiastically and sensibly in the litter picking afternoon.  I hope that the results were appreciated by the local community; you certainly made a difference.  To finish the term, your thoughtful presentation of what happened on Holy Saturday, during the Easter service, gave us all a reason to reflect.

In between rehearsing for our production and having our additional swimming sessions this term, we have been busy learning how to show what we have learnt about the human body.  Our websites are coming along and we have been learning the importance of using notes to write our own information text and why we cannot copy someone else's work.   We hope to be able to get these ready for everyone to read soon.

We have also been making very careful observations in Science, finding out which drink causes the most tooth decay out of water, orange juice, lemonade, milk, coke and flavoured water.   Which one do you think it was?  The results may surprise you.  We will be posting the pictures shortly so look out for this.   

Everyone has worked incredibly hard on the play and, once again. we have been wowed by the quality of singing from our soloists - how brave to stand up in front of a huge crowd and sing so confidently!  We definitely have some budding actors in our midst and we have seen so many children grow in confidence during our rehearsals.  

Photographs will be posted soon.

Year 4 Spelling List

Our topic has got off to a gory start. We have been closely observing real body organs (from animals, of course) before finding out more about them. Some of us found them a bit too gory.  Take look at our photographs - if you are not squeamish.

Curriculum letter Term 3

Happy New Year. 2106 here we come! 

15th December

The last week of term and we are still working hard. Today we made sweets to observe all the science we have been learning about in action.  We watched as materials changed state as we heated and cooled them and found out that some of these were reversible.  We also mixed different ingredients and found that most of these were irreversible changes.  We are looking forward to tasting our science!

Take a look at some of our pictures.

11th December

What a exciting and productive week we have had in Red Kites with the highlight being our visit to Harry Potter World at the Warner Brothers Studios on Tuesday.  We saw the incredible and detailed sets, props, vehicles and buildings which were used in the Harry Potter films.  Most of the children even got to ride on a broomstick, climb aboard the Night Bus, knock on the door of Privit Drive and take a walk down Diagon Alley, amongst many other experiences.  We were all amazed at the model of Hogwarts and the detailed work that must have gone in to building it.  Well done to all the children for their positive attitude and behaviour during the visit.  The visit has created a buzz and has given a real dimension to our descriptive writing.  I am looking forward to reading the children's stories.  Take a look at a few of our photographs from our visit.

What a busy few weeks we have had.  We have continued our science learning, finding out about solids, liquids and gases.  The children have explored what happens when different materials are mixed and found out that sometimes a chemical reaction takes place with interesting results.  They had fun making chalks, and even more fun using them in the playground.  

On Wednesday the whole school took part in the 'Stop the Clock' house challenge and on Thursday, our classroom was transformed into a 'Magical Missing Person's Bureau' where we were tasked to find out what had happened to Alice after she fell down a rabbit hole.  Everyone was busy making shrinking and growing spells. Take a look at some of our learning in action.

Acting out the molecules in solids, liquids and gases

Interviewing the White Rabbit and writing our shrinking and growing spells. How else will we be be able to get down the rabbit hole to search for Alice?

 It is pupil takeover day and I am Hannah, or shall I say Miss Wild.

have been teaching Red Kites how to do patterns using straight  and curved lines and    these are some of the creations  I really enjoyed teaching my class because my dream job is to be a class teacher and I was lucky that I got chosen.   

Miss Grisbrooke will be writing about her lessons next week.

We have been busy in our Potions classroom, exploring and creating potions. Whoever would have known that goblin brains can dance?  Who would have guessed that ground unicorn horn, when mixed with pickled bat's blood would create a fizzy, magical, memory potion?  As you can see in our photographs, we had to make sure that we wore our safety goggles and gloves - you never know what these potions might turn you into if you get the spell wrong!


Welcome to another new term.  This term promises to be an exciting one with lots of practical activities to support our learning.  Our Potions topic is science based and we will be carrying out lots of investigations, mixing differerent materials and discovering lots of magical happenings!    We will be developing our imagination and description by writing stories based in imagined worlds and we will be writing lots of spells  to make our magical potions- so watch out, you may be turned into a toad!  You have been warned!


This term has flown by and we have been very busy learning lots of new things.  In our topic, Playlist, we learnt all about the science of sound and hearing, investigating how sound travels and carrying out a fair test to see how sounds can be reduced.  We learnt all about different types of music and musical instruments and learnt how to use musical elements to describe music that we listened to.  We even 'busted a few moves' in response to different types of music.  In art we explored the work of Wasily Kandinsky and responded to Jazz music using colour and shapes that the music evoked as we listened.   We looked at line and shape of different musical instruments, sketching the instruments as still life.  We then explored the lines using block printing techniques.  In English, we read lots of different poetry and learnt to describe poems using the features learnt.  We read and explored Kit Wright's' 'Magic Box' poem and gathered our own ideas, in the process discovering our own budding poets.  We enjoyed watching Wallace and Gromit's 'Cracking Contraptions' and learning how to write our own explanation texts to accompany the videos.  In our maths lessons we explored numbers and place value and learnt the tricky process of classifying quadrilaterals and triangles - there are a lot of tricky names to learn to say, and even trickier to spell!

Take a look at the pictures below to see our learning in action.

Sorting Triangles

Investigating Sound in Science

Welcome back to the new school year.  We hope that you all had an enjoyable Summer holiday and that everyone is recharged and ready for the  exciting activities and challenges we have in store this year.  

We have already had a positive start to the term with fantastic attitudes and behaviours.  We are looking forward to the learning journey that we have ahead of us.


This term, our topic is 'Playlist' which is a music based topic where we will be learning about musical elements and reading simple musical notation so that we can compose and play out own musical scores.  


Spellings Week 28th September. The word cards can be printed out and used as flash cards for practice.

Curriculum Newsletter

We explored the elements of music and responded to the tembre of music through movement.

We learnt how to stretch, arch and balance in P.E.