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Red Kites

Welcome to Red Kites Class

We are the class created to care for the children of Key Workers during the COVID-19 national crisis. 


We aim to create a safe and vibrant space for the children of these important workers who will be running our health service and other essential services to our society.



Team work challenge today - moving logs and sticks together as a team from one location to another

Our last forest school session (we had additional children today who have graduated from pre school and start big school in September)

Painting our stunning 'summer clay imprint of nature plates'

Art inspired by our ears

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Poetry ideas together

Week beginning 22nd June

After looking at some amazing art work this week we have started to create our own around the current pandemic

Eating in the wild

Forest school - eating in the wild and searching for things living at Forest School

15th June - Guernica (Spanish: [ɡeɾˈnika], Basque: [ɡernika]) is a large 1937 oil painting on canvas by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.[1][2] One of Picasso's best known works, Guernica is regarded by many art critics as one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history. We were excited by the size of the art work. We explored emotions and how it makes us feel when we look carefully at the picture. We built up a huge bank of vocabulary before writing up our idea.

We had great fun today - look at our learning:

11th June we had our furry friends come back to school

9th June 

This week we have been joined in school by Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  Our daily timetable has changed slightly and we are focusing on our Maths, phonics, spelling and reading skills in the morning. Our afternoons are topic based with an exciting range of themes.  This week we have been looking at the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. We started off by discussing our ideas about what we see and how the sculpture makes us feel. We  used his ideas as inspiration for our own art work.   Then we wrote a short description of our artwork.  Please take a look at our work in the gallery below.

Tuesday 7th April

Its the Easter holidays, but we are still here!  There’s lots to do and we are very busy, and the beautiful weather is lovely to enjoy in school. Today we have had a skipping session with Mrs Knight in the hall and made pancakes for snack. Everyone had to help wash up. After our focus time there are Easter craft activities, water play, practicing our skipping and gathering food for the Guinean pigs. 

Tuesday 31st March

Today we learned that you are never too old for mud pies... but we also did a lot of work!

Monday 30th March

We worked really hard this morning. After PE the older children worked for almost two hours in their home learning tasks up until nearly lunch time!  We are now having some well earned play time. 

Thursday 26th March

Today George joined us for the first time. After PE with Joe Wicks we settled down to work for a while. Then there was a treat- some teddy bear biscuits to decorate ready for after lunch. After lunch we played some parachute games before settling down to some reading and more work if we had some to finish. 

Wednesday 25th March

The weather has continued to be lovely which has helped us all feel in happy moods!  Today we started to get into a bit more of a routine and get fin to do some of our school work. After doing Joe Wicks’ PE in the hall and enjoying a snack just, we settled down to work. Everyone accessed their Google Classroom tasks and did some reading. We were then allowed to play outside until lunchtime. After lunch we went to the big field and enjoyed the trim trail, and then it was back to work again!

Tuesday 24th March

Kezia and Jack joined us today, so that they are in the same place as their younger brothers. This makes sense to help us be with fewer people and help to stop the virus spreading. 

We started the morning with Joe Wicks’ PE session in the hall. This was great fun and the staff were exhausted afterwards. After snack, we played in the sunshine and did some reading. Then there was time to play a game Mrs Syme had brought with her. There were post boxes hidden all over the field and we had to find the right box for the cards we had. 

Lunch was a packed lunch because sadly Mrs Greenough has to stay at home now. After lunch we did some of our school work and then had free time till home time. 

Monday 23rd March

This morning we arrived and started to get to know each other, exploring the environment where we will be. We are using Barn Owls and Robins classroom as well as the outside areas. It is a lovely spring day. After snack time, we spent some quiet time doing some of our work tasks. 

After lunch we have enjoyed the sunshine in the garden and out on the bigger play equipment. There was a film to watch but nobody really wanted to be inside on such a lovely day!