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Term 5

This term we will be continuing to use The Lost Words as inspiration for our English and Geography, building on the impressive writing and artwork that the children created last term.  We are fortunate to have on our doorstep, examples of the wild life described and celebrated in The Lost Words and we will be exploring the village to locate the habitats where they are found.  Later in the term, will be welcoming you to our 'Poetry Cafe' where you will be able to hear the children read some of their own poetry.  For further details of our studies this term, please see our curriculum overview.

Ceramic Tile Artwork; 'The Lost Words' wildlife.




Term 4

Did you know that the following words were removed from the last edition of Oxford Junior Dictionary;   Acorn, Adder, bluebell, bramble, conker. dandelion. fern, heather. heron, ivy, kingfisher, lark, magpie, newt, otter, raven, starling, weasel, willow, wren.  All  of these are words to do with nature and becoming lost to a new generation of children. 

In response to this, the book ‘The Lost Words’ was created by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. The magic of the beautiful poetry and stunning illustrations conjures up the wonders and majesty of those elements of nature whose names are disappearing from the voices of children (and adults).

This term, Red Kites and Wrens are joining the campaign to keep the words alive by using the book for our English learning. We will be reading and exploring a range a of poetry, and will use information texts to find out about the plants and animals found within the pages of the book.  

Our history topic will focus on local history. We will be finding out how Sutton Courtenay has changes over the years and will look in more detail at how our school has changed by exploring photographs, maps and log books. 


Red Kites have had another busy term.  In English we have been writing our exciting 'Journey' stories, developing ways of opening and extending sentences, and using lots of brilliant vocabulary.  We have written tourist information leaflets linked to our study of Europe.  In Geography, we have used maps and other sources to find out more about our own continent, its mountains, rivers, capitals and landmarks.  Our artwork has focused on the work of Antoni Gaudi, and we have used our imagination to create our own 'wacky' buildings.  In P.E. we have developed our basketball skills, learning how to dribble, pass, mark and dodge accurately. It was a bit chilly at times - being snowed on once!   Our gymnastic sessions were a bit warmer. We have have been learning how to create body bridges and develop sequences of movements.  Miss Lea is back with us for Mandarin this term and the children have enjoyed learning how to have simple conversations and count to 10.  This week we made lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.  

Well done to our class members who have become play leaders and are supporting the younger children at break times and those who are helping to look after the guinea pigs.  

Making Chinese Lanterns.



Happy New Year! 2019 here we come.

Pack your bags, pick up your passport. Europe here we come.  This term, Red Kites will be taking a tour around our amazing continent, seeing the incredible sights, floating down the mighty rivers and scaling the heights of majestic mountains. We will find out about famous explorers and become adventurers in our writing, discovering how imaginative we can be with our words.  We look forward to sharing our learning with you so keep a check on the website.

You’re off to great places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain

is waiting, so…

Get on your way!

Red Kites have had another busy term with lots of exciting new learning taking place. UFOs were sighted and the children were there to record the experience in great detail. They wrote diaries, official government reports and playscripts about the sightings.  In maths,they have been learning to read and write time using the 24 hour clock, convert measures, calculate the perimeters of rectangles and solve subtraction problems using a range of strategies.  In history, we have been finding out about aspects of  Ancient Greece and making comparisons with those of Ancient Egypt. The children made their own Greek pots using clay and painted them with Greek designs and are in the process of making mosaic pictures.  Despite the weather doing its best to put us off, we have been outside developing our hockey skills in our Thursday P.E. sessions.

In music, we have discovered some budding jazz composers. After listening to various pieces of jazz music the children enjoyed composing their own simple Jazz music in small groups.

We are looking forward to completing our study of Ancient Civilizations in the next couple of weeks with our visit to the Ashmolean Museum and our museum evening.  We look forward to welcoming lots of visitors. 



This half term seems to have flown past and we are fast approaching our first half term.  We have all settled into our lovely new classrooms and have been working hard on the new learning.  For the first few weeks of our history topic, we have been learning about history skills and have looked at historical evidence and how we build up a picture of the past from the clues found in all kinds of place. We ventured outside to create a time line on the playing field to get a sense of how far apart different event in history were.   We also took part in our own archaeological dig in our school garden.  We found some very interesting artefacts!  We also learned how to ask historically valid questions and then carried out our own research to find the answers. 

In English, we started off by writing our own poetry using similes and metaphors to create images in the reader's mind.  Next we read Goth Girl and explored how the writer, Chris Riddell, developed his characters through words and illustrations. We wrote our own scripts for a tour guides who might give guided tours around 'Ghastly Goth Hall'.  We have planned our own mythical creatures and will be writing our own chapter for the story this week.  Look out for some extracts of our work to be added to the site.  

Take a look at the photographs of some of our activities.


Welcome back to school. We are all looking forward to starting a new year with our new class. We are lucky to have a brand new classroom for the new school year and everyone has been working hard to get it ready to welcome you back and to give you an amazing new environment in which to start your Year 5 learning journey.


Mrs Hamblin, Mrs Bennett and Miss Haydon