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Term 6 - Wild World

Welcome back to the final term of this academic year. We are going to continue with our study of our Wild World, moving on from solely focusing on wolves and extending this into looking at a variety of habitats, in particular that of the jungle habitat. We will also be bringing our learning from last term to life with a visit to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. 


We will also be preparing for Sports Day as part of our PE focus and our Science will look at the impact of human intervention on habitats and their effect on the food chain.

Our homework this term is to create our own habitat. See below for attached letter explaining the task.

Homework Task - Term 6

Term 5 - Wild World

Unlock the mysteries and myths of the fascinating creatures that are wolves. Why do they howl at the moon? Are they always bad as portrayed in fairy stories? Are the legends associated with them based on reality? By studying their physiology, habitats and locations around the world we intend to draw our own conclusions. For more information on what we are studying this term please look at the Curriculum Information page below.

Welcome to Term 4 - BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY.

We are looking forward to the weather becoming warmer and getting the chance to go out and about from the classroom more. We are continuing with our topic of Bright Lights, Big City and focusing this term on a study of our local area, with our focus on Abingdon. We will look at how it has changed and developed over time. Once we have developed our understanding we will visit the town.
We are also developing our Design and Technology skills this term, creating our own Coat of Arms.

Remember to check the Curriculum information for Term 4 to see all areas of learning. This is attached at the link further down the page.



Welcome to Term 3 Nightingales.

Noise, lights, transport, high rises and sky scrapers. What makes a city a city?

How many capital cities do you know? How do they differ and what do they have the same?

Over this topic Nightingales will be finding out about major cities around the world, looking at how they differ and how they have developed. We will study our local area and compare how it differs from other cities and key points in its history. We will also look at the difference between developed and developing cities.

We will also visit Kidzania to discover the world of work in a city setting


Please keep checking our class page regularly as we plan to put photos on weekly to show lots of the things we have been up to, we will also be putting useful documents such as the class term letter, a timetable and also our long term plan to show coverage of subjects through our topics.

Mrs Vickers and Mrs Dubock