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Welcome to Term 5 when we will be heading Up, Up and Away!


This term we will be looking into the power of flight, those animals that manage it naturally and the advancements that humans have made to enable us to travel around the world using aircraft. We will be looking at traditions around the world involving flight, as well as mythical stories and then also those historical pioneers who made air travel possible.

Alongside this we will also be having two weeks of science focus - one week focusing on how we stay fit and healthy and then also a further week looking at plants and what they need for growth.



We have an awful lot to pack in, but as always I know Nightingales will rise to the challenge and we will have lots of fun with our learning adventures.

Happy New Year and Welcome to Term 3


As we endure the worst of our winter weather Nightingales will be delving into the deep of the oceans to discover the diversity of life that lives below the surface of the water. We will be looking at food chains, the difference between salt water and river water as well as how light penetrates water and those creatures that live in the dark.


Our English will be focused on poetry based around Jim Reeves 'The Sea' and we will be writing adventure stories taking our inspiration from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. 


We aim to bring our learning to life with a visit to get hands on with some sea creatures (more details to follow) and then letting our imaginations run free by creating our own 3D models of new species of marine life. 

So if you dare let's enter the world of The Blue Abyss.

Welcome to Term 2 - Children of the Revolution

In this term we will be focusing on the Victorian period. Learning about the life of Queen Victoria and the changes that happened during her reign. We will also be focusing on what life was like for children during this period - thinking about the differences and similarities between now and then, as well as the differences and similarities of coming from a Rich or Poor background.


 We will also be looking at what a Victorian Christmas may have been like, looking at where some of our modern day traditions have come from. In addition to this we will look at planning and cooking our own Victorian Christmas meal - let's just hope this is as the Rich families would have had their Christmas!



Some pictures from our Tennis Taster Session on Monday 25th September

Week 2 - 11th September.

This week we have been studying Solids, Liquids and Gases and as part of this conducted an experiment to make Sneaky Slime. We worked really hard on writing our instructions for this process, making sure we used imperative verbs and then some of us were brave enough to become presenters of our own TV show to show how to make Sneaky Slime. All the camera work was our own work too!

Welcome Nightingales to Term 1


This term we will be learning how to perfect potions. How do you mix potions safely? What was medicine like without anaesthetic? If something is a solid can it also be a liquid or a gas?

To find out the answers to these and many more questions we will be conducting our own experiments, predicting outcomes and recording our investigations. As well as looking at the history of medicine. So grab your potion bottles, safety goggles and lab coats and let's see what we can mix up!


Please see the documents attached below for useful information about what we have planned for our first term.


Example Timetable

Long Term Curriculum Plan 2017-18