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Marvellous Mandarin

The Falcons are incredibly lucky to be having the opportunity to learn Mandarin. We are one of a small number of school in Oxforshire that is able to give the children this teaching. We hope that over the next year their skills will rapidly develop leaving them able to understand and speak confidently. As secondary schools are now offering (or plan to offer) Mandarin to all pupils, it will be fantastic if our pupils can go with a good head start in the language. We are working closely with Didcot Girls School and St. Birinus to deliver the teaching and have a specialist Mandarin teacher (Mrs Wicks) who leads the lessons. 

To really make the most of this opportunity, the children need to practise regularly. We do this in school, when our already jam packed schedule allows, but they also need to practise at home. Please use the songs on this link below - soon the whole family will be singing in Mandarin!

So far we have been using:

  1. Greetings (Tim song)
  2. Extended greetings (nihao ma song)
  3. Numbers (yoyo chinese numbers rap)