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Term 6 - Brilliant Brazil!     


Our final Year 2 topic is ‘Brilliant BrImage result for brazil flagazil!’ We will start by finding out all about life in Brazil; including weather and climate, food, school and what children do in their spare time. We will be making comparisons to our own lives in England.


Then we will learn about the Amazing Amazon Rainforest; what the climate is like, how the different layers are formed and what animals can be found there. Oh and keep an eye out as we will have our own rainforest developing in our classroom!


Of course we can't learn about Brazil without finding out about it's carnival capital, Rio De Janeiro. We will learn about the amazing city and its 7 day carnival! Carnivals have a lot of history and traditions which we will learn about as well as working in groups to compose carnival music and having a go at samba dancing. Our term and year will end with a very exciting carnival of our very own!






We enjoyed sharing our model of a new part of Sutton Courtenay!

Key Stage 1 - Statutory Assessments


As we explained last term, all Year 2 children nationally are assessed against National Standards for Reading, Writing and Maths. Class teachers use a combination of test results and their own Teacher Assessments to make judgements about each child's attainment. They are then responsible for reporting whether children are working towards the expected standard, at the expected standard or at greater depth of the the expected standard.


We were extremely proud of the children during the process of the tests just before half term. They tackled them with real maturity and really did their very best. We will report our judgments in your child's report, which will come home in July.


Key Stage 1 Planning Overview 2018 - 2019

PE in Kingfishers


This Term Kingfishers' will have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however please have your PE Kit in school hung on your peg all week. You need: Black shorts, green t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls. (please can girls who wear tights also keep a pair of socks in their PE bag ).

Children who wear earrings must take them out for PE, if they are unable to do this themselves please take them out at home on PE days (If they have just had them pierced you need to provided them with plasters or micropore tape for 6 weeks).

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Homework and Reading in Kingfishers' Class


Homework is set weekly and has an English, maths or topic focus. We give homework out in their 'My work at home books' on Wednesdays and expect them to be brought back in on Monday mornings. This allows time for marking and new homework to be put in books.


Please do add any comments you feel would be useful to your child's homework, it is a good way of communicating how your child is getting on with their homework and what support they needed. Please also use this book to share any other work you do at home with your child eg a piece of writing, some extra maths or a piece of art; we love to see what other work the children are doing at home!

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Please read with your child at least 4 times a week, regular reading really does make a difference. Year 2 is an important year for reading, they have learned many of the phonics needed and are now applying them and developing reading stamina and comprehension. At the end of this year they will be sitting a reading SATs paper which assesses their level of reading through their ability to answer written questions about what they have read.


We aim to change the children's reading books twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays. If there is not evidence that they have read at home, we will not change their book until we have heard them read. Please remember that children benefit from reading a text more than once, it can really develop their confidence and allows opportunities for them increase their fluency. Please help your child to develop their comprehension skills by asking them questions about the characters and the story plot.

Maths - Active Learn


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Remember if you want to practice the maths skills we are working on in class then log on to Active learn!


Username: child's first name (no capitals)   

Password: kingfishers   

School code: ljsw