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Welcome to Kestrels Year 1!

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Class Information:


The Adults supporting your children are:

Miss Hazell – Class Teacher

Miss Holden – Teaching Assistant


This term our topic is... LAND AHOY!


Homework Expectations:



Children are expected to read for at least 10 minutes every day.

Record the reading your child has done in their yellow Reading Records.

Reading records will be checked and books changed every Monday and Thursday.

(Please note books will not be changed unless reading is recorded as it will be assumed that the book has not been finished.)

Children should read these books as much as possible within this time to build up their resilience and word recognition.


Children need to bring their reading wallets into school every day.



Children will be given new spellings to learn every Wednesday. Children are expected to practise their spellings in the relevant columns every day.


Homework participation is graded each term


Classroom Notices:


Voluntary Active Learn Maths Games

All children have been given an Active Learn bookmark consisting of their login to access the fun Maths games online at home.

These games are completely voluntary, but are provided to allow children the opportunity to revisit and build upon previous learning, as well as to explore new learning.



This Term, Kestrels class will have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Children should keep their P.E kits hung on their pegs all week and can be taken home over the weekend for a wash. Children need: Black shorts, green t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls. (Please can girls who wear tights also keep a pair of black PE socks in their PE bag).

Thank you!



It is important to drink enough water each day and so we recommend bringing in a clean water bottle daily which can be kept in the classroom and drunk during snack times. Water bottles can also be filled up from the sink in the classroom. Throughout the day, there are many opportunities for the children to have a drink of water. If they do not have a water bottle, the children can have a drink from the water fountain in the corridor. Children also eating school dinners will receive drinks of water with their meal at lunchtimes. Only WATER is allowed in bottles that are brought into the classroom. Squashes and fruit juices can be drunk with lunches, however are not allowed to be drunk at any other time of the school day- this is to avoid colourful, sticky spillages! Thank you for understanding!


Snack Time

In Year 1, children have one snack time in the morning. A healthy snack will be provided consisting of fruit or vegetables. Children are able to bring in their own snacks provided they are either fruit or vegetables.


Lost and Found

Please ask to reclaim any lost belongings!


Class Updates:

We had a Fun Run today to earn points for our houses!

Today we worked as a team to create our pirate maps and programme a bee-bot around them!

We had a fantastic time on our pirate adventure at Hill End!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1

We had a brilliant Science lesson where we named different body parts!

We had a brilliant Science lesson where we named different body parts! 1

We read 'The Dot' and painted our own 'dots' to remind us that we can do anything, as long as we try our best!

We read 'The Dot' and painted our own 'dots' to remind us that we can do anything, as long as we try our best! 1

Kestrels are settling in nicely!

Kestrels had a great time on their first day in Year 1!