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Welcome to Kestrels Year 1!

Please see below for class updates

Class Information:


This term our topic is... BRILLIANT BRAZIL!


Homework Expectations:


Spellings will be given every Wednesday to learn at home.

What do you need to do at home?

1) Practise your spellings in your yellow spelling books throughout the week!

Try to practise these every day and fill in the daily spellings sheet!



Reading books and reading records will be checked every Monday and Thursday. Please bring in your reading wallets every day so that you can also read in school!

What do you need to do at home?

1) Make time for reading for at least 10 minutes every day.

2) Record the reading your child has done in the yellow reading record. (Please note books will not be changed unless reading is recorded as it will be assumed that the book has not been finished.)


Maths Games

Each child has been given an Active Learn bookmark. Please help your child login to play on the set maths games once a week.


Additional Information:


Kestrels class will have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays so please ensure your P.E Kit is hung on your peg all week. Your P.E bags can be taken home over the weekend for a wash. You need: Black shorts, green t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls. (Please can girls who wear tights also keep a pair of black PE socks in their PE bag).

Thank you!



It is important to drink enough water each day and so we recommend bringing in a clean water bottle daily which can be kept in the classroom and drunk during snack times. Water bottles can also be filled up from the sink in the classroom. Throughout the day, there are many opportunities for the children to have a drink of water. If they do not have a water bottle, the children can have a drink from the water fountain in the corridor. Children also eating school dinners will receive drinks of water with their meal at lunchtimes. Only WATER is allowed in bottles that are brought into the classroom. Squashes and fruit juices can be drunk with lunches, however are not allowed to be drunk at any other time of the school day- this is to avoid colourful, sticky spillages! Thank you for understanding!


Lost and Found:

Please ask to reclaim any lost belongings!

In Kestrels class, stickers are awarded for hard work, behaviour, outstanding effort and acts of kindness.



Throughout the school, children are also given smiles for their smile charts in the classroom. All children have a reward card in school where smiles are recorded. When the children have 50 smiles, they gain a bronze award. 100 smiles gains a silver award and 150 smiles gains a gold award. For each smile, a house point is also collected. On Fridays, the head teacher gives special awards for outstanding effort or achievement and house points are totalled and the winning house is announced.

Class Updates

Today we made Brazilian chocolates called 'Brigadeiro'. They were so scrumptious!

Everybody loved our healthy eating assembly! As a treat, we were able to play parachute games on the field!

Today we had author and illustrator, Simon Murray, come in to tell us about his character 'Icky Doo Dah'! We followed his instructions and created our own!

Today in Science we went minibeast hunting and even made our own minibeast hotel!

Today we made masks and role played the story of 'The Great Kapok Tree'!

Today we read some jungle poetry and recited it off by heart in front of the class!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We had fun painting our rainforest pictures today!

We went on a beautiful local area walk around Sutton Courtenay today! We had a lot of fun spotting the human and physical features of the local area! We even got to play in the park and play parachute games!

After writing persuasive letters to Ms Parks, we were able to read to Cessy the dog all morning!

We had 4 African Snails come to visit us today! A big thank you to Isabella!

We had a fantastic time at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History!

Our own 'Gigantosaurus' Read Aloud!

Still image for this video

On Monday, we noticed our dinosaur eggs had gone missing! This week, we have been doing lots of different investigations and creative writing to find out which dinosaur took our eggs!

Our plasticine dinosaurs!


For World Book Week, we are learning how to use a dictionary!

We found dinosaur eggs in our classroom!

Our dinosaur gallery!

Today we turned into scientists! We explored and experimented with different materials and investigated their properties!

Today we used non-fiction books and online resources to research the Four Seasons and made our own fact files!

Today, we had Rev. Karen Hyde join us to do Godly Play. We learnt about the Creation story, did a craft response and had a feast!

We hung up our bird feeders in Forest School today!

Our Percy Park Keeper experience morning!

We created rainfall collectors to measure the amount of rainfall this week in science!

In Phonics, we have been learning to spot digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters than make 1 sound) in words and use our robot arms to sound out and read the words!

We have had a lovely first few days back in school!

We had a class Christmas party and played lots of games!

Today we had a visit from Santa!

We made decorations and put them on our class tree!

KS1 Creative Reading Club 17/12/18 We read 'Big Bear Little Brother' and drew our own polar bear scenes!

Y1 Christmas Production - 'Children of the World!' We all did fantastically!

This week we have been looking at giving and following instrustions. We made some brilliant Christmas cards!

We had a great time at our Christmas craft morning! We went around the school in our houses doing different Christmas activities!

KS1 CREATIVE READING CLUB 26/11/18 We read 'Pirates Love Underpants' and made our own pirate ships.

Takeover Day was fantastic!



We had a MARVELLOUS time at our 'Let There Be Light' Campfire Party!

We ate hot dogs and sang songs around the fire!

We then came inside and performed with our shadow puppet theatres!

We then made our own chocolate sparklers and toasted marshmallows before having a nice cup of hot chocolate!

What a brilliant night!

KS1 CREATIVE READING CLUB 19/11/18 We looked at the book 'The Gruffalo' and made our own playdoh Gruffalo's!

We looked at the book 'The Marvellous Moon Map' in English today and drew our own moon pictures!

We had a great time investigating length and height in own learning today!

We read 'The Gruffalo' and made a Gruffalo shadow theatre!

KS1 Creative Reading Club 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers 12/11/18


We had a brilliant time in Creative Reading Club on Monday! We read 'Room on the Broom' and made our own flying witch pictures! 

On Monday we looked at the book 'How to catch a star' by Oliver Jeffers and made our own sparkling stars!

We have had a FANTASTIC day as superheroes! We had four missions to complete including Cape Crusaders and Laser Rescue! We all worked together to complete the missions and saved the day!

One Thing We Would Change If We Were In Charge Of The World

For our speaking assembly, we learnt all about our oceans and decided that one thing we would change if we were in charge of the world is the pollution in our oceans.

We found out that tonnes of plastic waste is being dumped into our oceans every day! We discovered that the pollution is harming the marine mammals; they are eating it or getting stuck in it!

We discussed all the ways we can help our oceans such as only using recyclable plastics and drinking from  reusable bottles. We collected some plastic that could not be recycled and made these models of a turtle and fish. We can save our oceans if we all work together!

Today, Miss Hazell drank a superhero power potion and got super strength!

We all designed our own superhero power potions and used time connectives to write the recipes!


Today in science, we looked at the four main basic tastes; sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

We investigated each taste and compared them to each other. We discovered that sweet was the most popular taste!

In science, we have been looking at the 5 senses.

On Friday, we looked at our sense of hearing. We played hearing games and made string telephones!


This week we have been reading 'Supertato' and we made our own super veggies!

Unfortunately, the Evil Pea stole our veggies and locked them away! We had to create wanted posters and wrote a letter to persuade him to give us our super vegetables back.... and it worked!!


We had a lot of fun exploring sight in science today!


In science, we labelled different body parts! It was a lot of fun!


We had a SUPER first day!