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Our Trip to London

The Art of Being Human - Science Topic

Falcons have been studying the heart, blood composition and the circulatory system and creating art to show their understanding. 

The Double Circulatory System

Still image for this video
The children acted out how the blood travels through the heart, to the lungs, back to the heart and through the rest of the body. They used red and blue cards to symbolise if the blood is oxygenated (red) or not (blue). We aimed to get them travelling through the heart at the same time to emphasise how the heart beats both sides together.

Pictures showing understanding of diffusion and osmosis to create abstract art

Using clay to create 3D sculptures of the human heart.

Visit to the Church - follow up experience to our Easter experience.

The children had a very thought provoking morning listening to and taking part in stories from the Bible following the Crucifixion of Jesus. They then thought of questions they would have asked the disciples to understand the emotions they went through. The questions and interview techniques were excellent - well done Falcons - a fabulous morning.

Well done Falcons

 You did a great job completing a fabulous day at Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre. Although it rained for almost the entire day we didn't let it spoil our fun. You showed real resilience with your work on the different challenges and didn't moan too much about being wet and cold!


Term 4 - Mystery and Magic

This term will revolve around our English work and our main text being Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We will look at the world that J K Rowling creates around the story, the writing style she adopts and how events are inter-weaved to develop complex story lines. Whilst immersing ourselves in the text we will also look at our own characteristics and learning styles to imagine ourselves in challenging circumstances - what strengths of character we already possess and what skills can we acquire.



Class routines:

As last term, Mrs Vickers will teach Falcons all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Thursday morning. Ms Parks will continue on a Thursday and Friday afternoon and Mrs Hornsey will teach the class on Friday morning.


We will continue to have PE twice a week on a Monday and Friday - so please be prepared to be outside on both of these days. Mandarin will continue on a Thursday afternoon. Homework will continue to be set on a Wednesday for returning on a Monday morning. Please also remember that the expectation is that you read five days a week at home for a minimum of 15 mins.


Well done Falcons for a fabulous Term 3 - not only have you all worked really hard but we also delivered an incredible assembly educating the whole school (including the adults!) on climate change.


Term 3 - Frozen Kingdom

This term we focus on the amazing frozen world of the Arctic and Antarctic.  We will look at the geography of their locations, their climates and what threatens their existence as well as the animals that make their homes there. We will look at the science of water as a solid, liquid and a gas and how and what causes it to change between those states of matter.

In addition to this we will study Inuit art and aim to recreate in their style.


Our English will focus on non chronological reports delivering information on the areas we have learnt about as well learning about the ill fated voyage of the Titanic as a stimulus. 

Attached is a timetable outlining when and by who lessons will be taught. Mrs Vickers will teach all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as well as Thursday morning. Ms Parks will teach Thursday and Friday afternoon and Mrs Hornsey will teach on Friday morning. 

The class will continue to have PE  twice a week on a Monday and a Thursday as well as continuing with learning Mandarin once a week. 


Master Timetable Term 3

WW1 Day - Thursday 20th December

Falcons threw themselves into trying to imagine what it might have been like to be in the trenches. We went through a series of challenges to enlist, then set to work on digging trenches, marching, filling sand bags as well as preparing food for dinner that evening. We then learnt some rudimentary first aid to prepare for being medics in the trenches before heading to the front before committing to going 'over the top' and facing the fearsome No Mans Land.

After an exhausting and physically demanding day we filled up on a wholesome beef stew followed by delicious trench cake and then sang carols in both English and German around the Christmas Day. We hope we have made memories that will last as well as bringing our learning to life.

WW1 Day - Thursday 20th December

Term 2 - Over The Top

In this term we will be recognizing the sacrifice our soldiers made 100 years ago by learning about World War One. The children have told me the facts they already knew and what they are most interested in learning about, therefore the topic areas are being driven by them. 

Our English will be linked through our topic and will be influenced by some incredibly powerful books such as War Horse by Michael Morpurgo and War Game by Michael Foreman.

Whilst immersing ourselves in this history topic we will look at the local heroes who had close links with Sutton Courtenay as well as what life would have been like in the trenches, and compare this to what life was like for those left at home. We also plan on bringing our learning to life towards the end of term by holding a special day when the children will experience some of the challenges they might have faced - so watch out for further details on that.

PGL Week - Thursday

Another very windy day, which unfortunately affected the activity programme we had organised, so that Raft Building had to be changed. We have still enjoyed a very full day of fun, challenging and team building activities. Some of the activities today were - Aeroball, Sensory Trail, Tunnels, Abseiling, Low level ropes and we all enjoyed a fabulous time on a coastal walk, feeling the spray of the sea on our faces.  We have finished the evening off with a really fun Disco where everyone (even the teachers) showing off their funky moves! 

Thursday activities


Well - we thought yesterday was windy - that is nothing compared to today! But this hasn't held us back and a full programme of activities have been enjoyed again. Some of the activities today were Giant Swing, Jacob's Ladder, Mountain Biking, Orienteering and Archery.

Wednesday activities


We have had an incredibly busy (and windy) first full day. We have started our activity programme with activities today ranging from: street surfing, rifle shooting, abseiling, zip-wiring, climbing and low level ropes. We have finished the evening with a campfire, lots of songs and even toasted some marshmallows.    

Tuesday activities - a small selection of photos


We have all arrived safely, settled into our rooms and eaten well. Evening entertainment was a selection of Wacky Races with our group leader Charlie.

A selection of photos is shown below.

PGL - Monday Evening

Welcome back Falcons

Ms Parks and I are very excited to get started with you on our very exciting learning journey this year. We are going to begin the term with lots of science, as well as our much anticipated residential trip.


We hope the lovely warm weather stays with us for at least the first few weeks to help us truly make the most of our outdoor activities. We can't wait to get settled into our new classroom and make it our own safe learning space.


Our timetable will consist of Mrs Vickers teaching all day Monday and Tuesday as well as Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Ms Parks will teach Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon.

We will have two PE sessions a week - one on a Monday afternoon and one on a Thursday afternoon with Ms Parks. Mrs Vickers will lead the learning in Maths, English, Science and Topic and Ms Parks will lead the learning in RE, Computing, Music and Art as well as supporting the children with learning Mandarin. 


Ahead of the new term, there are a few pieces of information which may be helpful in your preparation for school.


School Uniform

Please ensure that children are wearing the correct school uniform each day, with black trousers, pinafore or skirt; emerald green sweater, cardigan or polo shirt bearing the school logo and a white shirt; black or white school socks or tights and black, fastened shoes or trainers (not slip on or open toe shoes). 


PE Kits

It is important that children have the correct PE kit available for sports lessons. Children will need an emerald green polo shirt bearing the school logo, black shorts and black trainers or plimsolls.  With the temperatures becoming colder over the coming months, please make sure that children have warm, black trousers or tracksuit bottoms and a black fleece bearing the school logo. Girls who wear tights in school will require black or white PE socks also.


Homework and spellings

Homework will be handed out every Wednesday and books will need to be returned for marking by the following Monday. Please ensure that all homework is completed and that children practice their spellings in readiness for their spelling task each Monday morning. 


Reading at home

It is vital to your child's development, vocabulary and imagination that they read regularly. Please make sure that book bags are brought in to school every day, along with reading books and completed reading records. Children should read at least five times a week at home and these occasions are recorded in the reading records. An adult should hear them at least once a week to check understanding of the text they are reading.