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21st July

We have now said a sad farewell to our Year 6s as they make their way on their journey to secondary school.  Many a tear has fallen but we know that they will soon embrace their new opportunities and have a fantastic time learning lots of new things.  The leavers' party went with a swing, as our Karyoke Our leavers' service was both celebratory and sad as we reflected on the year 6's memories of their time at our school and their hopes for the future.  We all hope that they continue to be a positive force in their new lives.

For year 5s, we look forward to seeing you again in September and hope that you have a fantastic Summer break.  To keep your skills fresh over the long holiday, I have put some links to websites what can help you to practice your basic skills.  Remember to be kind and helpful at home and enjoy the holiday.



14th July

Well done to all Falcons, and Year 5 Wrens, for their fantastic production of 'The Jungle Book'.  Three performances and each one brilliant, well done. You are all superstars! We definitely have some budding actors in our midst. It took a lot of courage to stand up in front of so many people and perform.  It was great to perform, not only to family, but also to members of the community in our community performance.  Take a look at some of our photographs below.

In between rehearsals we have managed to keep going with our learning, writing memory poems, finishing our Wolf Sanctuary leaflets and giving our habitat presentation. What an amazing job everyone did on the projects- some very creative ideas used (photographs below).

 Well done to everyone with their sportsmanship during sports day. It was a lovely day and a show case for how brilliant you all are.

It is a busy but sad time as we approach our last week with Year 6 who have been sharing memories of their early years at school and thinking of special moments to record in their year book and to prepare for their leavers' service on Friday. 




23rd June

Congratulations to all the Year 6 cyclists for taking part in their cycling proficiency course.  You have learnt a lot of vital skills for being safe on the road; remember to use them whenever you are out and about.  Thanks to Mrs Taylor-what a learning curve for her too- now a qualified trainer!  She has worked very hard for you all this week.

We are really getting going on our production - some great dances and solos coming along nicely.  Not long now until or public performances! 

Congratulations to everyone who has reached their next stage in their times tables challenge.  Special congratulation to Lilia for achieving the top 'Diamond' award - what a sparkling performance!  


14th June

Last week was a busy week, as ever, in Falcons.  Year 6 started their cycling proficiency; we all started practising for the play and we had a fantastic visit to the Wolf Conservation Trust near Reading.  It was a fantastic day out where we learnt even more about Wolves and 'got up close and personal' (well, nearly) to the wolves. It was fascinating watching them interact with one another and we got to watch them being fed - raw deer legs!  What a crunch those bones made.

We even communicated with the wolves by howling - amazingly, they replied.  The staff were really helpful and answered all our questions.  Well done to all the children who went around making notes when they found out interesting information.  It was lovely having our lunch outside, watching the wolves.  We should have lots of information for our writing tasks.


4th June

Our last term approaches and we have a full term of exciting activities and experiences planned.  We will be starting rehearsals for our end-of-year production, 'The Jungle Book' - hopefully there has been lots of practicing going on over the half term.  We will be starting our term with our visit to 'The Wolf Conservation Trust' on Wednesday to bring our topic to life, and give our writing a real sense of purpose.  Hopefully, the weather will not be too mean to us.

 Year 6 will start their cycling proficiency this week, helping them to stay safe on the road.  

Last term we ended with our e-safety assembly.  Well done to the groups who managed to get their videos completed ready for showing to parents.  They will be on the website soon. 


19th May

Were Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma really innocent victims?  Were the three little pigs really hounded by the wolf?  Falcons have been finding out the truth behind these tales as they have listened to the testimony of Mr Wolf himself.  There were, of course,  many misunderstandings which led to the tragic events - Mr Wolf was innocent, honestly!  Falcons will soon be bringing you newly discovered transcripts of police interviews with Mr Wolf following his arrest for the attacks on three little pigs.  We are just running them by our legal department before publishing!  

In Maths, Falcons have been looking at sequences of shapes and numbers, and learning how to find formula and express them in algebraic terms. Everyone enjoyed trying out new activities during their day at Tilsley Park on Monday.  As always they were great ambassadors for the school.  During the class P.E. session on Thursday, everyone continued to develop their balances and counter-balances in gymnastics with some very tricky positions!

The e-safety videos are progressing well and Falcons have begun to add their videos to iMovie ready for our assembly on Friday. 

It has been lovely to see such a positive reaction to the introduction of our new reading scheme.  Everyone has chosen a new book to read - we are very lucky to have such a fantastic range of new books.  Thanks to FOSCS for funding our new library and books. 


12th May

WELL DONE YEAR 6 for a brilliant effort in your SATs this week. Everyone did their best with and managed to smile through the week. In between the tests and revision we did find time to squeeze in some other activities.  In topic, we listened to Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf' and explored our responses to it.  It was incredible to see how we could interpret elements of the story through the music, before even seeing the words of the story.  As a very thoughtful member of the class commented, 'It is like reading a story with your ears.'  We will continue to use the story to develop our topic writing.  In P.E. we continued with our striking and fielding skills and finished off with a game of continuous cricket to practise the skills learnt.  In preparation for the introduction of our new reading scheme, we looked at some of lovely new books and quite a few members of the class have ear-marked some books that they would like to read. 




Year 5 Science - searching for, and classifying, living things around us.

5th May

Well done to all Falcons for another week of focused effort getting prepared to show off what you can do next week!

Everyone has produced the most fantastic information writing about wolves, both in content and presentation. These will be on display next week for everyone to read.  Well done again!  Such pride shown by everyone.

In between the maths and English sessions, Falcons have enjoyed working on their e-safety presentations and their gymnastics.  Year 5s have begun to think about ways to classify animals and to understand that some of these classifications can be a bit tricky (photos below).

Next week, breakfast (toast, toppings and juice) will be provided at 8:15 for any year 6 children who would like to join us. 

Enjoy your weekend.



28th April

What full first-week back we have had! Year 6 have been busy revising all of their knowledge, ready to show off what they can do in their SATs which will take place in just over a week's time!  Well done to all of the children who used the revision pack that I made up for them and to those who had a go at the online grammar test that I set.  Remember, don't stress - just do your best!   

Everyone enjoyed their 'Boing' sessions this week and we are all looking forward to implementing them as part of our P.E. curriculum.  There was a lot of thinking and strategy planning going on at a quick pace.  We have also started developing our striking and fielding skills during our Monday afternoon lessons.

Our new topic-writing strategy is working well - everyone has shown fantastic focus on their learning and has produced some great non-fiction writing.    It was great to see everyone using a positive mindset to draft and then edit their work, well done. It was particularly great to see editing partners working with such focus to support each other. If you want to know anything about wolves, ask a Falcon- we have learnt a lot about their features and how they are linked to their behaviour and adaptation to their environment.

In maths, we have worked hard on problem solving and reasoning, applying what we know to solve some tricky problems about different areas of maths.  We have also been keeping our arithmetic skills sharp with some quick maths starters.  There is a lot to remember when calculating with fractions!

Have a great bank holiday. Rest up ready for another busy week.


Wild World

Where have all the wolves gone? 

Once, wolves roamed large areas of our planet, including our country, but over the years their numbers have declined dramatically. We will be finding the answer for ourselves and discovering why they have disappeared in many areas.  We will also discover how wolves changed the shape of a river in the USA.  In our search for answers, we may even find out if wolves really do deserve their 'big, bad' reputation developed throughout the ages in stories and films.


Taking our sewing outdoors!

29th March

This week Falcons have had an exciting week of learning.  As part of their topic learning, the children planned out their designs for their quilts and have cut out their materials ready to start their sewing.  On Tuesday, we visited Abingdon Museum to find out more about the history of the town.  During the day, we went on a tour around the town, looking at significant buildings and landmarks, learning about their history and finding out about the people who played an important role in its history. Did you know:

  • that there was an underground passage way from the Old Gaol to the building which is now The Broad Face?  This building was a place of execution and the passage was built to protect the prison officials and prevent prisoners being snatched by their families and friends.  
  • that the River Stert runs under Stert Street and that once the river ran through the street. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of the water gushing below.  
  • that the building next to St Nicholas's church was once a fire station; a police station; a school and a hospital - although not all at the same time!

We also had a handling session, looking at historic artefacts and finding out what they told us about life in the past and a self-guided tour of the museum, finding out about lots of different aspects of the town's history.  Fortunately, we had good weather so we were able to go onto the roof of the museum and get a birds-eye view of the town.  We all enjoyed a picnic lunch in the Abbey Meadows and, to make it feel like Summer, we all had an ice-lolly!  Take a look at our pictures in the gallery link.

In English, the children have finally finished writing up their 'Journey' stories and their explanation texts -what impressive effort and beautiful presentation.  As part of their learning with Mr Halfpenny, Falcons have been studying 'Macbeth', exploring the opening scenes of the play and comparing it with narrative re-tellings. 


24th March

Well done to everyone for raising such a lot of money for Comic Relief - your contributions will make a difference to someone's life.  

This week Falcons have been discovering that they have hidden talents!  They have been learning sewing skills and have learnt how to do running and back stitches. Everyone showed such focus, concentration and a determination to produce neat and careful stitching. Our photographs below have caught the children action!  Everyone  has begun to design their own quilt panel depicting a historic building in Abingdon, selecting their own fabrics and types of stitches to use and are now looking forward to making them.

In English, the children have been working with Mr Halfpenny to design their own machine and write an explanation text to show how it works. They have worked hard to learn the language of explanation and will be working on their editing next.

In Maths, both Year 5 and 6 have been developing their mental calculation skills and have moved on to written multiplication.  Year 6 have learnt how to use long multiplication and to estimate their answers first.   

The Kate Greenaway shadowing group have met several times and have been writing reviews of the books they have read.  Take a look at our group page on the shadowing website to see what they have been getting up to.  


17th March

We were very excited to receive our delivery of the Kate Greenaway Medal shortlisted books.  We managed to have a brief look at them but are excited about being able read them properly and to start adding reviews and photographs to our shadowing website.  Keep checking next week as we will be adding information as we begin to explore the books.  The shortlisted books are:

  1. Wild Animals of the North illustrated and written by Dieter Braun (Flying Eye Books)
  2. Tidy illustrated and written by Emily Gravett (Two Hoots)
  3. The Wolves of Currumpaw illustrated and written by William Grill (Flying Eye Books)
  4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated by Jim Kay, written by J.K. Rowling (Bloomsbury)
  5. A Great Big Cuddle illustrated by Chris Riddell and written by Michael Rosen (Walker Books)
  6. The Journey illustrated and written by Francesca Sanna (Flying Eye Books)
  7. The Marvels illustrated and written by Brian Selznick (Scholastic)
  8. There is a Tribe of Kids illustrated and written by Lane Smith (Two Hoots) 

The website address is on the children's website link above.


This week, Falcons have been learning how to calculate with fractions in their Maths lessons, and are becoming more proficient at explaining their understanding and applying it to solve problems.  They have been learning a new text map in English to explain how 'The Soccertron' works (a special device used by Wallace and Gromit to practise their goal-keeping skills).  Next week they will be applying their learning to their own explanation writing.  In topic they have been exploring old and new photographs of Abingdon and thinking about the way the buildings have both changed and stayed the same.  It is fascinating thinking about what life was like in your own neighbourhood many years ago.  Did you know that cars used to park in the market square and that there was a hotel there too?  We looked at pictures taken before the precinct was built and looked at an aerial photograph of the town when there was a railway station.  How times change! We are looking forward to having a day visiting the town and museum and finding out more about our local history.  

In our computing and PSHCE lessons the children have continued to plan their e-safety presentations and are finding out more about the applications and why there are age recommendations for different applications. Please do look at the parents' websites; the NSPCC and NetAware sites are useful for giving  guidance and raising awareness of the risks of using different apps.



3rd March

March already! How quickly the year is flying.

This week we have continued to learn new and exciting features to use in our narrative writing and have been thinking about how to weave characters and settings together in sentences.  On world book day, it was lovely to see so many children thinking about how they could show 'a hint of a book' and see who could guess their book.  We spent the day exploring 'The story machine' and learnt how to 'read' a picture, using literal and inferential understanding.  We invented a machine to do those horrible tasks that we hate doing - tidying our bedroom, laying the table, washing up, feeding the cat - and drew out our ideas in labelled drawings.  In maths we have continued to push our learning, finding out how to multiply and divide fractions and applying our learning in problem solving.  In P,E we have continued to develop our street dance.  In French, we have been writing sentences to show what we do in different places. We even had a go at using the French dictionaries to find out about different places and how to write new verbs.  

Today we had two visitors from Abingdon museum who came to show us artefacts which had been excavated from the local area.  Did you know that Abingdon is thought to be one of the oldest inhabited towns in the country?  It certainly has a well documented history.  We learnt that Abingdon was once underwater and that woolly mammoths roamed the town. We also found out about Abingdon Abbey and how it dominated the town.  We look forward to finding out much more soon. in our ICT sessions we have been focusing on e-safety and how we can stay safe when using all forms of digital media.  We have begun our project which is to prepare and deliver a presentation to others, explaining how they can stay safe.  

I have put links to the NSPCC and other e-safety websites to help you to guide your child when using digital media. We want to make sure all children are able to use their devices in an enjoyable, informative and safe manner.  




Looking at artefacts from Abingdon Museum

10th February

This week, We welcomed two student teachers, Mr Halfpenny and Mrs Southouse  to our class. They will be with us for the next six weeks on their student placement.  I am sure that the children will enjoy being part of their learning journey. 

Well done to everyone for working so hard on their assessments this week and showing everything that they have learnt.  It was lovely to see so many children showing a positive mindset when approaching their tasks.  We carried on with our afternoon sessions and the children have enjoyed putting more moves to their street dances.  In R.E. the children had a visitor who came in to talk to them about how Muslims worship. Mrs Kapswara was very impressed by the quality of the children's questions and the respect they showed to their visitor.  In our topic lessons, the children explored the artwork of L.S. Lowry and used their ideas to create their own futuristic city-scapes in his style. Everyone worked hard to produce some brilliant artwork.  Take a look at our gallery below.



3rd February

Once again it has been a busy week with lots of learning taking place and growth mindsets developing.  In English we have read our engaging and thought provoking picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker.  The children have explored the opening pages and made lots of observations, developing their use of inference and deduction to think about the character. They have developed lots of imaginative phrases to add to their planning and ideas booklet ready to use in their own story writing.  

In Maths the children have continued to work on adding and subtracting fractions, and- what a lot of work has been produced; they are getting through their maths books very quickly!

In topic, we have been looking at artist representations of cities and discussing how the artists have presented their ideas, and used colour and shape. They have been thinking about how colour can create different moods.  

In our P.E. lessons the children have been adding more moves to their street dance and beginning to form some simple routines in their groups.  Take a look at our photos ( a bit blurry, as their were some quick movements). They have also been developing their basket ball skills.   


14th January

Falcons have worked very hard this week and have shown great growth mindsets to their learning.  They have learnt how to calculate the area of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms in maths.  In English they have explored the theme and characters in the picture book 'The Promise' using freeze frame, role play and conscience alley and have offered some thoughtful and insightful comments and observations (Take a look at our pictures below).  In PSHCE, we read Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech and discussed what kind of future was being dreamed about.  Then the children drew their own dream for the future. In computing, they continued with their programming and debugging which was quite tricky and there was a lot of reviewing and modification in order to be successful.  

11th January

We have had a wonderful day at Kidzania. The children had a fun day of learning how to manage their money - when to earn, when to spend and when to save - and finding that it is hard to resist the temptation to spend!  Trying their hand at lots of different types of job, we discovered that we have budding journalists, radio broadcasters, estate agents, fire fighters and air conditioning engineers, to name a few.  It was great to see the children immersing themselves in the new challenges. Take a look at a few of the photographs below.  More can be found in our gallery area.

Earlier in the week in our maths lessons, the children developed their maths skills of calculating the area of triangles and the volume of cuboids. In English, they have developed their use of imaginative words and phrases and have written some interesting and effective descriptive sentences which we will share with your soon. 



Welcome back to a new term and and new year.  We have lots of exciting learning planned for the coming term in our new topic, Bright Lights, Big City.  We will be discovering the wonderful and incredible diversity of city life around the world and exploring the cities' human and physical geography and the influences that have shaped their development.  We are looking forward to our trip to Kidzania which will be an exciting and inspiring start to our learning.



9th December

Another busy and exciting week in Falcons! Everyone has been keeping up the enthusiasm and pace in their work. In maths we have been consolidating our understanding of equivalent fractions and mixed numbers and have been learning how to calculate the area and perimeter of different shapes. We completed our Cinderella newspaper reports and are ready to make our own front pages.  We prepared for our banquet by making fairy lanterns, masks and name places as well as making the bread rolls and soup for our first course. What a brilliant evening we had! It was lovely to see everyone dressed up in their finery, even the teachers!  

11th November

What a busy and productive week we have had.  Falcons have worked with such focus and determination in all of their lessons. In maths we have been learning different subtraction strategies for both written and mental calculations. Brilliant effort by all - a lot of marking for Mrs Hamblin!  We had lots of 'growth mindset' thinking and learning.  

In English we have been looking at newspaper reports and exploring the features.  Everyone got into role as either a fairy tale character or a reporter and took part in their own interviews, gathering quotations for their reports.  In topic we researched and prepared our posters about women in history. It was interesting to find out how different societies viewed and treated women.  We have been continuing to develop our hockey skills in P.E.  This week we were learning to make and receive push passes. In the Thursday sessions Mrs Kapswara took the children for their circuits.  There were a lot of raised heartbeats and red faces after the exertions but definite improvements in fitness being made.  Well done to the Year 6 children who helped out at the community craft afternoon, making and serving scones and tea, as well as helping with the actual crafts. Everyone  had an enjoyable time.

We said a very sad farewell to Mrs Taylor this week.  She has supported so many of the current Falcons as well as children in other classes over the past few years.  We will miss her very much.

Welcome back.  This term we continue with our 'Once upon a Time' topic.  We will read and explore fairy tales, looking at way that women are represented in different stories and various retellings. They were not always the 'sassy' women presented in modern, film versions and the writings of Roald Dahl!  In history, we will be learning about significant women whose actions have marked turning points in society, especially those who have shaped life in Britain and inspired others.


Once upon a time,
in a land far away,
A beautiful, independent,
self assured princess,
happened upon a frog as she sat
contemplating ecological issues
on the shores of an unpolluted pond
in a verdant meadow near her castle.
The frog hopped into the Princess' lap
and said: 
" Elegant Lady,
I was once a handsome Prince,
until an evil witch cast a spell upon me.
One kiss from you, however,
and I will turn back
into the dapper, young Prince that I am
and then, my sweet, we can marry
and setup housekeeping in yon castle with my Mother,
where you can prepare my meals,
clean my clothes, bear my children,
and forever feel grateful and happy doing so."

That night,
on a repast of lightly sauteed frogs legs
seasoned in a white wine and onion cream sauce,
she chuckled to herself and thought:

"I don't think so!"


14th October

Another week has flown by and everyone has worked with focus in their lessons this week.  We have begun to write our own retellings of Beowulf and so far the results are impressive with lots of detailed descriptions of Heorot.  Algebra has got us all thinking very hard to try to solve missing number problems - there were some tricky problems solved.  We have continued to find out more about different parts of the U.K., looking at the physical geography of different areas of the country.  Year 5's science investigation threw up some strange results which we will be thinking about next week and Year 6 have been continuing to learn about adaptation with Mrs Hornsey.  We have been developing our skills in Volleyball and have learnt different ways of serving and returning the ball.  In French we have been learning more phrases to describe ourselves, including our hair and eye colour.  We have also begun to develop our own web page for the dragons we invented.  We look forward to another busy week.


9th October

It seems such a long time since we were on our residential visit to PGL Liddington. Well done to everyone;you were fantastic.  What great examples of positive mindsets and resilience we saw. Remember to take a look at the photographs in our gallery.  

We have been straight back to work and everyone has worked so hard in all their subjects.  In P.E. everyone has  progressed in their volleyball skills and have begun playing proper games, applying what they have learnt.  Everyone has become very adept at constructing the nets.   In English we have finished our information texts about dragons.  There are some very interesting new species about with some very strange behaviours!  After some editing, they will soon be ready to publish.   Our maths books are nearly half filled already because everyone has been working with such purpose and enthusiasm.  So far this term we have learnt about place value, addition and subtraction with large numbers and decimals.  We are now ready to move on to problem solving and algebra.   In French we have been learning how to talk about ourselves, learning parts of the body and how to describe our hair and eyes.  It is a bit tricky getting the accent but we are getting there.  It was interesting to see how the French put the adjective after the noun but we put the adjective before it.   This week in science we began to investigate thermal conductors and insulators and carried out an investigation to see which material would be best to keep our lunch cool.  We have a few adjustments to make to our investigation to ensure that our results are accurate.  Some of our coding sessions got a bit tricky and we had lots of debugging to do to achieve our aims.  Our Harvest festival took place on Tuesday and we wrote our own poem called 'Under the Harvest Sky' which we all contributed lines to.  Some of us wrote prayers which we read out.

We are looking forward to another busy week.  

16th September

We had a very intriguing start to the week. We arrived at school to see that our classrooms had restricted access.  Some dragon eggs had hatchd in both Falcons' and Wrens' classrooms. Our display had been scorched and there were trails of ash trailing from the hatched egg. The Dragon Academy officials had visited to investigate the hatchings and have asked us to keep an eye out for other evidence around school.  Watch this space! 

We have been asked to write instructions for looking after the dragon which has hatched, so that everyone in school will be able to care for it.  Apparently the dragon that hatched is a Skelaraptor and needs special care.  In our English lessons we made sure that we had all the key skills to be able to make our instructions clear, precise and effective.  

In Maths we have been securing our understanding of place value and addition of numbers with up to six digits and have produced some fantastic and beautifully presented work.  We had fun playing games against our learning partners to test our knowledge of place value. 

In Science, we have begun learning about the properties of materials.  We will be testing them in our next lesson.  In French we revised some of the parts of the body and how to uses some common phrases.  We played 'Quiz, Quiz, Trade' to practise saying each of the words and the linked phrases in French.  In P.E. we continued with our volleyball skills and learnt how to 'dig' which is a pass used when the ball is lower than your shoulder.  It was a bit tricky at first but we managed to make improvements during the lesson. In computing we have been learning to write codes to make things happen on screen and have been able to 'de-bug' our code when things went wrong. In Art we have begun to make a dragon puppet.  We designed our own dragon and then had to work carefully to decide how to deconstruct it to draw the parts of the puppet, thinking about how they will be joined.  Our next step is to apply the paint.

During the week we have been growing in excitement in the countdown to our PGL residential. Keep checking the website for pictures which will be uploaded during the week showing us taking part in the adventurous challenges.

11th September

What a great start to the term. Following our intriguing start to the week, and keeping in theme with dragons, we have been reading and exploring the beautiful picture book 'Tell Me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris.  We wanted to find out how the text and illustrations work together to both tell the story and make the reader think and wonder.  The illustrations are woven with intricate detail and seem to tell a story of their own, beyond the written text.  Everyone enjoyed spotting details that were not at first obvious.  After looking closely, we had lots of questions and ideas which we hadn't thought of before. 

Having read the book carefully and thinking about the language features used by the author to create a stunning text, we drafted our own writing, imagining our own dragon.  Noting that every word used by the author was chosen with precision, we tried to do the same with our own.  Our next step will be to edit and improve them ready for presentation. Look out for the finished texts next week.

Everyone worked hard in Maths, exploring place value and observing what happens to numbers when they are multiplied and divided by multiples of 10.  Some of the class were set a problem solving challenge which needed very careful and systematic thinking.  There were a few moments of frustration but with the help of learning partners, things became a lot clearer.  

In Science, we had fun carrying out an investigation with cars to test whether the height of a ramp affects the distance travelled.  We were learning how to plan and carry out a fair test, drawing our own tables and recording the results reliably.  There was a lot of learning through mistakes during the session - a great way of showing their growth mindsets.

In PE we have begun to learn volleyball skills which was a lot trickier than it seemed but we found that practise does make - well, not quite perfect, yet, but definitely on the way there.  We also started our gymnastics with Mrs Kapswara.

In Geography we have learnt about the different regions of the UK and are beginning to learn about the different counties and where they are located in the UK.  So far we have gained a good knowledge of the South East.  

Monday 5th September

What an exciting start to the term.  We discovered that over the weekend we had been visited by a dragon! Yes, a dragon.  An email from the Dragon Academy informed us that they had video footage which we watched in amazement.  We were asked to carry out a careful survey of the grounds and look for evidence of the dragon's visit.  Amazingly, we found lots of eggs around the school grounds.  We had to work scientifically to collect and log the evidence. Once we had found the eggs we created a scientific report to send off to the academy.  Our careful descriptions of the place the eggs were found and what they looked like should help the experts in the quest to find out more about these mysterious creatures.   


Once upon a time there lived.......

Are you ready to find out how our story ends?   

Welcome back to a new school year.  This year we are working with Wrens and Nightingales on a shared topic. Mrs Vickers, Ms Parks and myself have enjoyed working together to plan some exciting activities for each class.  We hope that you will accept the challenges we have set for you to learn and enjoy!