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Coconut Barfi

Pour the ingredients in the bowl...
...mix them up...
...keep stirring... add the coconut...
...stir in the food colouring...
...mix, mix, mix!
Now roll the barfi into balls.
Let's put them in the fridge to set.
Let's tidy up while we wait!
Let's all help to wash up!

Making Diwa Lamps

First we made our lamps from clay.
We had to use a bit of water to make them damp.
Use your fingers to mould them.
Pinch the edges to make them go up.
Use your hands to smooth the clay.
Now we need to paint our diwa lamps.
Let's use bright colours!
Use your paintbrush to cover all of it.
You might need to use a bit more paint!
Well done, nearly finished!
Let's leave them all to dry.
Wow our lamps look beautiful!