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Dinosaur Roar

Week commencing: 23rd May 2016

As we finish off our Dinosaur Roar topic this week we have enjoyed our Life Long Ago workshop. We became paleontologists as we dug up fossils. We then met a baby Allosaurus and then came face to face with 'Millie' the T-Rex.

We were able to show off our knowledge on carnivores and herbivores. A super way to round off our topic.

his week we made our Sockasaurus Rex puppets. We enjoyed sticking on the googly eyes and decorating their fierce spines. We are learning to sew but found that socks are very tricky to sew through.

We hope you like our creations!

The Natural History Museum - 28th April

We had a fantastic trip today to the Natural History Museum in Oxford. We walked in real dinosaur footsteps, saw real skeletons of a T-Rex and sat next to a Triceratops.

We also studied a variety of other skeletons, fossils and all creatures that walk, fly and swim.

The children were fantastically well behaved - so much so we were complimented by other visitors to the Museum. They showed such enthusiasm for their learning as well as being able to discuss much of the things we have already learnt as part of this topic.

We also enjoyed our picnic lunch, even though we had a very interested duck who liked the look of some of our sandwiches!  More photos below.