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Remember , we love to hear what your child has been doing and learning at home. Wow slips are available at the entrance, when you have completed one you can post it in the box.

                                                                             Term 6 

Term 6 starts on Monday 4th June 2018. We look forward to welcoming you to Term 6.This term we will be learning about The colours of the Rainbow, linked to the story of Noah's Ark. We are also looking forward to Sports day and Reading workshop (we will inform you of the dates soon). 

                                               Date for your diary 


Our last day of term in Nursery will be Tuesday the 24th July 2018 at 3:15pm. 


                                  Barn Owls team.

Nursery Graduation Ceremony - will be on Monday 23rd July at 11.00 in the Nursery garden. We look forward to welcoming you to join us in celebrating our superstars who are moving onto Reception classes in September.

Graduation Ceremony - Thank you all for coming to join us in celebrating the children's learning and development.

Sports Day - we had so much fun on the field, thank you for coming to support us.

We said goodbye to our toads and frogs. We took them to our school pond at Forest school.

                                     Reading workshop 

Come for our Nursery reading workshop on Wednesday 20th June at 11:35(morning session) or 3:10 (afternoon session), only for the children moving into Reception class in September 2018.

We were part of the grow your own potatoes scheme, have a look at all our adventures on harvest day.

We made a discovery yesterday in our garden and learnt something new. We found out on the internet some interesting facts about toads.

                                                                 Term 5


Term 5 starts on Monday 16th April 2018. We look forward to seeing you all back. We also welcome Arthur , Esmee, John and Afonso to Barn Owls.



                                                        We are learning about dinosaurs. 


Here's an interesting piece of information. Did you know what the word Dinosaur means?

Like so many words Dinosaur derives from the Greek words Deinos and Sauros which translates to Terrible Lizard.


We hope you will find out some more information to share with us.


Royal Wedding Celebrations

We all had a lovely time exploring the Dinosaur Museum at Woodstock.

In Boogie Beat we have been going on a dinosaur hunt , can you spot any dinosaurs on the wall?

Our potatoes, turnips and strawberries are growing.

Week 2 - We have engaging in team building activities this week. Have a look at what we have built together. " What's going to work? , Team Work"

Look what Mr Greenough brought into our Nursery

Our learning about dinosaurs - week 1

                                                                       Term 4


Term 4 starts on Monday 19th February , we look forward to seeing you all back at 8:45am


Please note : Term 4 in Nursery finishes on Tuesday the 27th March at 3:15pm. 


This term we will be learning about Growing , our focus will be on 'The world in my fridge'. Our Storytelling story will be The Enormous Turnip.


                                                                                  Exciting News


Our setting is currently involved in an ‘Early Language Project’ with Oxfordshire County Council.

In nursery we make careful observations and records of all the children’s progress in all areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. As part of this project we will be sharing information about progress in Communication and Language and Literacy(Reading) for a small group of children with Oxfordshire County Council(parents of children chosen have been informed). 


This project will enable our team to receive additional training around ways to support children’s early speech, language and communication development. We will also receive a sum of money to spend on some new resources that will further enhance our environment. We can choose how we spend this and will let you know what we bought!

If you have any questions please come and talk to us in the Nursery.

Chinese New Year 2018 - We had a visit from a Chinese dragon today.

Fun in the snow

World book day - can you guess who we were dressed up as

We are part of the Grow your own potatoes challenge. Today we planted the potatoes which we chitted 2 weeks ago. We will be looking after them and we are looking forward to harvesting and eating them in June.

Builders at work - some of the children have been very engaged with building and have taken over all the construction work in our garden.

                                                                             Term 3 

 Happy New Year. Our term starts at 8:45am on Thursday 4th January 2018. We look forward to welcoming you all back, as we also welcome some new friends into Barn Owls. This term we will be learning about Winter, as we explore the weather and our surroundings.

Week 4 - We have been learning about freezing and melting, we explored with ice; then we made ice cream and froze it; eating it was the best

Week 3 - We have been busy making a cake as it's nearly one of our adults' birthday. We talked about what ingredients we needed, measured and then mixed them. We then put the cake in the oven and then waited and waited. Afterwards we decorated it.

Week 2 - We have been busy with our learning and showing our new friends around the Nursery. It has been snowing in our class and some adults have been to see the doctors in Barn Owls.

                                                                            Term 2


This term we are learning about Autumn, day and night time and nocturnal animals and then we will learn about the Christmas story.

Dates for your diary


EYFS Nativity - 13 December 2017

Nursery Christmas party - Monday 18th 2017(more details to follow)

Our last day of school in Nursery is Monday 18th December 2017

Barn Owls Christmas party

EYFS Nativity


Still image for this video

Week 5 - Can you guess what number we are learning this week. Have a look also to what we have been busy doing in the Nursery.

Would you like to hear the story of Owl Babies, ask the children in Barn Owls and they will tell you.

Week 4 - number of the week

We have been making nocturnal animals out of natural objects

Boogie Beat music , movement and storytelling

Sharing books with our reading buddies from Year 6

Please sign up for parents meeting by phoning the office

Exploring in the Autumn on our adventure

We have been working together to make a number line. Look at all our work from 1 to 10

Week 3 - Number of the week is 3. Can you spot number 3 anywhere and everywhere , can count 3 things all the time

Our adults in Nursery are:


Mrs Kapswarah (Mon - Wed)

Mrs McDowell (Thur-Fri)

Jane Syme (Mon-Fri)

Mrs Barton (Mon-Fri)

Miss Wall (Monday-Fri am) 


Timings to be aware of in nursery:


Morning session - 8:45-11:45

Afternoon Session - 12:15 - 3:15


All day session  8:45-3:15 (only for children eligible for 30 hours childcare) 

** there is a charge (to be confirmed) for wrap around care i.e. for children staying for lunch)


                                                    Term 1 

Getting to know our new classroom - we have been getting to know each other and learning the routines in Barn Owls.

Sound walk - we are beginning to engage with listening to sounds in our environment.

Boogie Beat - we are having fun on Mondays with Tiff and Giggles the monkey during our Boogie Beat sessions which are about engaging with music and movement and also storytelling. Our favourite part is the parachute.

Maths in Nursery - we use every opportunity to learn about numbers, shape , space and measuring

Harvest singing celebration - we have been practising some songs , making flapjacks and cakes in preparation for our singing celebration. Thank you to all the grown ups that came to celebrate with us.

We learnt about India and joined in with celebrating Divali, read the story of Rama and Sita; made divas and lit them; dressed up in Saris and tasted some Indian food.